How to Create a Modern Bathroom Design

Your bathroom is meant to be more than just a place you go to take a shower. It should be a comfort, a place you can sit and wash away your sorrows. It should be a place you can sit and relax after a long hard day. If you still have the designs you had in your bathroom when you moved in, it is time for you to change to a new shower faucet set. It will make the entire bathroom look so put together. Here are a couple of ideas that will come in handy for you:

Create a Modern Bathroom Design

Tile diagonally

If you have a small bathroom, then chances are you are looking for ways to make it look spacious. One of the oldest tricks in the book is to tile diagonally. While diagonally placed tile looks stylish, they also add the illusion of space in your home. You will feel like you have more room if you place your tiles diagonally instead of following the square outline of the room.

Add lighting fixtures

Another way to take your bathroom to the next level is to work on your lighting fixtures. You cannot have the same old lighting in your bathroom and expect it to look modern. If you want to add a twist to the entire ensemble, add a couple of chandeliers to the mix and let the lighting pop. It will make the entire bathroom look more modern and well put together. Just ensure that the lighting fixtures are not too big if you have lower ceilings. There are smaller intricate chandeliers if the ceiling height is an issue for you.

Add greenery

Even though plants are not the first go-to for many people when it comes to the bathroom, that is something you should try. They add a new depth to the entire place and make it look well put together. You do not have to add so many plants, just a few succulents here and there and some twining plants, and you are good to go.

Change your containers

If you have been using your shower gel and shampoo in the same containers you bought them, they have to go. Ger some refillable containers and add those to your bathroom instead. They make the entire place look cleaner and classier. The good thing with these containers is that you can put different shampoo and soap brands in them when you run out. You also get to choose the container’s aesthetic to match your bathroom, which is a great thing.

Switch steel for brass or gold taps

The easiest way to work on your fixtures is to switch your steel to brass or gold. They will make your entire barroom stand out. Since these are very subtle, you will not feel overwhelmed by adding them to your bathroom.

Change your mirror

Who said bathroom mirrors have to be boring? Change up your mirrors and get the unusual decorative mirrors you see in stores. They will play both a functional and decorative role in the bathroom. Since there are very few decorative voices in the bathroom, this is a way to add character.

Change your towels

If you love the fancy embroidered towels in hotels, now is the time to get your own. The good thing is it will not cost you so much to add the embroidery to your towels. You can add them to the hand and face towels and hang them up so that the patterns are visible. It makes the entire bathroom feel like a five-star hotel.

Change your shower curtains

If you have been using shower curtains, now would be the best time to change them and use frosted glass on sliding doors. It is easier to clean and works way better than the curtains. You can get someone to fix them up for you and never have to worry about getting new curtains for your bathroom.

Creating a modern bathroom should not be as hard as many people make it seem. All you need to do is look outside the box, and you will have the bathroom of your dreams. The tips above will help.

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