You’re only young once: What I’m too young to give up

A while back I did a post about my Murtaugh List, that is, all the things that I’m too old to keep doing at this point in my life (the ripe old age of 24!). It really got me thinking about the things I just am not ready to part with quite yet.

To use my favorite cliche: You’re only young once. Here’s what I’m going to embrace while I’m still young: 

Cutoff jean shorts: Every summer I think, maybe this is the last summer that it’s appropriate for me to wear cut off jean shorts. And every spring I think, ehh one more summer. This spring is no exception. I’ll be rockin the jean shorts proudly all summer long. In my closet, that’s where jeans go to die. And no, I don’t care if they are mildly trashy. 

The occasional binge drinking: Sometimes it’s just fun to have one too many and giggle a lot with your friends. Recently we drank beers and played Cards Against Humanity. Google it. Buy it. You won’t regret it. It’s a card game that is just like Apples to Apples but is wildly inappropriate.  So no, drinking isn’t the best for my heath. I don’t even do it every weekend anymore. But every once in a while, this is bound to happen.

Driving a car that I didn’t pay for: My grandmother gave me a super sweet ’99 Honda Accord with very low mileage. Now why would I give that up and take on a car payment? That thing will run like a champ for another 100k. I’m just not a car person so even though the paint looks a little questionable, I’m keeping this car for years to come (even when I can actually afford a car payment).

 I know, it’s super sweet.

Young Adult Fiction: I get that this genre is targeted at 15 year olds. But let’s be honest, I’ll probably never give it up. My love of Harry Potter, Twilight and the like will never fade. I try to read “grown up” books in between YA books but sometimes it’s just hard. I can’t wait for my sister to be old enough (she’s 11 now) to be able to read the same YA books I’m reading. Mini book club! Yes, please!

Having a boyfriend: Some people my age are ready for marriage. And that’s great! I’m just not one of them. I’ve got a great guy by my side and I don’t think either of us anticipate marriage any time soon.  So for now, I’m going to enjoy having a boyfriend, having my own bedroom that’s just mine, and having alone time. And that’s A-Okay. 

What are you too young to give up?
Please comment below with your thoughts!

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