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Sometimes when you’re away from a place for a while, you forget how breathtakingly beautiful it is. I lived in Maine as a kid. Maybe I’ve mentioned that on here, maybe I haven’t. My Mom and Stepdad live in Portland now and I’ve been visiting this week. As I head home today, I thought I’d share some photos. It’s hard to believe there are real places that are this beautiful. Enjoy and just know that these photos don’t come close to doing it justice.

Lobster RollChairs by the Ocean Out on the HarborChapel on the Beach Maine View Maine Harbor Momma's Green Thumb 2 Chair by the OceanArchie Enjoying Maine Rock Skipping ContestYarn BombMomma's Green Thumb Canoe

  • Oregon is such a beautiful state! I live in Washington and make my way down there periodically 🙂

  • Beautiful! You’re making my choice hard. I have the option to go to Maine in October or Denver in December… and I can’t choose.. but I’m leaning towards Maine because I at least won’t freeze in snow there. (and yes I know that Portland is in Oregon, but that’s what I imagine Maine will look like) 🙂

  • Great photos! I love the little yarn bombing, too cute!

  • The rock skipping contest is my favorite. That’s so cute & fun. The contest is a great way to build community. :] // ☼

  • I know exactly what ya mean. I go to school out of state and whenever I go back home I’m reminded of what a pretty place I grew up in. Maine looks so beautiful though!

  • I hope you are enjoying the Pacific northwest 🙂 You’re in luck that we’ve had good weather this week!

  • Both Oregon and Maine are on my list of places to visit, (and possibly relocate to!) Plus who wouldnt want to live in a town that has an adorable rock skipping contest 🙂

  • Maine is like my second home. I will be there the first week of August and we do a girls trip every year for Christmas by the Sea in Rockport. It is just so beautiful and so much to do, so peaceful as well when you just want to sit and enjoy your surroundings!

  • Absolutely stunning. Have a wonderful time!

  • Omg that pic of Archie. What a doll face.

  • Liza

    Wow is that beautiful! You take great pictures, I bet it’s just as amazing as it seems!

  • I have been dying to go to Maine. It’s definitely on the list for next summer if I can’t get there this summer.

    But I know what you mean about forgetting how breathtakingly beautiful a place can be. I’m originally from Western Pennsylvania, and when I went back a few summers ago – after living in New Mexico for years – I could not BELIEVE how green the grass was.

    I was commenting on it too. “God, would you look at how green that grass is,” or “Your grass is looking very green today.”

    Everyone thought I was certifiably insane.

  • Have a great trip, lady!

  • Lol at everyone’s Maine/Oregon confusion. She’s in Portland, Maine, friends. The “other” Portland.

    • Rose

      Me too! Guess you can tell the West Coasters from the East Coasters 😉

  • SO pretty! I’ve never been, but I’ve always wanted to! I want to go everywhere, really. I bet the weather is super nice, too!

  • Archie with his eyes closed! Dying!

  • That lobster roll looks amazing, yum!

  • I have some in-laws that live outside Portland and Derek and I are planning a trip hopefully within the next year! I’ve heard it’s gorgeous there (and your pictures do nothing but reinforce the notion)!

  • Erin

    I live in Portland! Glad you are enjoying your city 🙂

  • what a beautiful place! the colours and everything. i didn’t realise how precious is the city where i grew up until i had to moved out for college.

  • My friend did that yarn-bomb!! Glad you had a good time here in Maine. It was the perfect weather this week!

  • Some amazing photos

  • It looks like a place to grow up and grow old again! Very beautiful and peaceful. It’s hard to take a moment and just think about what’s good in your life.

  • We went to Bar Harbor two years in a row and I absolutely loved it. Acadia is beautiful. That lobster roll is beautiful. It’s all beautiful.

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