I thought we were going to brunch. A fancy brunch with friends. That’s what I thought our Saturday was going to start with.

I got ready slowly that morning, dancing around to Taylor Swift and taking an extra couple minutes on my hair and makeup (because it was a fancy brunch, after all). Clueless and happy. We left the house, walking arm in arm, heading across the park to our friend’s house.

And then…

N Proposes

Did I ever actually say yes? I can’t even remember. It was certainly implied from the crying and nodding I was doing. I hung on his every word, tears streaming down my face.

N Proposal 2

Right after this he pulls the ring out of the box, hesitates for a moment and says, “Which hand does it go on?” Yup, that’s my guy.

What followed was a day full of surprises. A perfect day planned by the person who knows me best in the world. We did get to that fancy brunch with friends. Lots of champagne followed. A surprise appearance from family. Tickets to The Nutcracker, a Christmas tradition he knows I love.

I have never felt more special and more loved.

Oh and these photos? Snapped by N’s best friend Reggie, who disguised himself by dressing as a hipster homeless person and hanging out in the park. I’m so grateful to everyone who helped make our day so special (thanks Reg!).

Reggie the Photographer

Archie responded to the news that he would no longer be a bastard by bringing us his food bowl and frankly, not giving a crap. We love you ya selfish little brat.

Did this all by himself. He really has his priorities straight.
Did this all by himself. He really has his priorities straight.

N, this weekend was perfection. Thank you. I’m so excited to be your wife.

Hop over to Instagram to see a picture of the ring! Naturally, I’m obsessed with it.

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