7 Words I’m Trying To Make Happen

The other day on my ride home from work, I was listening to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” and car dancing (obviously). I know every word and the moment she got to her cheerleader line “…and to the fella over there with the hella good hair won’t you come on over baby we can shake…”, it occurred to me, why don’t we say hella anymore? 7th grade Nadine used the word hella more than she used AIM. So basically, a lot.

It got me thinking about all the words and expressions that I use a lot that maybe other people don’t. Or words that I wish would make a comeback. Basically, words I’m trying to make happen.

Sure, this reference is 10 years old, but damn it, IT WORKS.
Sure, this reference is 10 years old, but damn it, IT WORKS.


I’d feel like a teenager if I used this word but I still really want to.


Spiffy is my non-awkward way of complimenting a guy on being very well put-together without seeming like you’re hitting on him. Handsome is too mushy for use on guys who aren’t your boyfriend, brother, or child. Spiffy takes its place nicely and I secretly feel like I’m giving a nod to my grandmother, who is probably the reason I use this word in the first place.


Call me Gretchen Weiners, I’ve been trying to make crunchy happen for at least two years now. This should only be used in a non-food way to describe situations that are slighty difficult or annoying. Examples include:

Traffic on the way here was so crunchy.

Work was just really crunchy today.

It was just a really crunchy situation.

This honestly might just be my favorite word when used in this context.


Someone recently laughed in my face for using this expression. No exaggeration.


YOLO is for rappers.

You’re Only Young Once (YOYO) is for mid-to-late twenty-somethings who want to justify occasionally doing things that they probably did at 20. Bondage skirt a little too showy? Wear it. YOYO.

Okay fine! It’s basically the same as YOLO it’s just that it feels like less of a death wish or something. You aren’t going to do something ridiculously stupid (YOLO), just stupid for someone your age (YOYO).


I get that this is a word but working with patients, I have to pronounce last names a lot and hyphenated names always throw me off (you’d be shocked how many people just give one of the names instead of both). So I now pronounce the hyphen whenever I come across a hyphenated name. John Doe-HYPHEN-Smith.

When Archie is being a bad dog I call him Archie [insert Scottish last name] “HYPHEN” [insert Persian last name]. I don’t know why I find this hilariously funny but it’s an ongoing inside joke with myself and I giggle almost every time I use it.


Is this a California word? No one here calls Interstate 95 “the freeway” except me. It’s a stupid expression really, because it’s not freaking free. $40 in tolls just to get from Philly to Long Island? You gotta be kidding me…

What words or expressions are you trying to make happen? Come on, you know you’ve got a few.

  • I’ve been trYing to make “cool beans” happen do years! It’s something my uncles ex wife so ad all the time when I was a child and it’s just stuck with me!

  • Haha crunchy– I love it!

  • I totally do the same thing you do with the word “spiffy,” except I use “snazzy” instead. And yes, I think freeway is definitely a California word!

  • I love the word “spiffy!” Makes me feel like a old woman who has a little extra kick in her step. I also realized I’ve been saying “dude” a lot lately. Not sure if I actually want to make that word come back though, or if feeling like an 8 year old boy is just fun for me every once in a while…

  • YOYO. love it. totally using it. Let’s make it happen.

  • Definitely “nifty”. I use that word to describe pretty much everything, including things that probably don’t work with it. Nifty tips. Nifty decorations. Nifty kitties. Nifty scarf. Nifty bum. You get the idea.

  • Yeah, Freeway is California all the way. I hear some states say Expressway-which I kind of like!! Ha, someone said cool beans and I totally used to say that. I think some people are bringing Rad back but I can’t get behind that one.

  • Hahaha please use yoyo forever.

  • I’m from the midwest, and highway is the common word for interstate, so maybe freeway is a Cali thing? Kinda ironic how a term that sound so liberating is used to describe a place that can be like a prison during rush hour…

  • bomb.com will ALWAYS work! Love that…even when it’s not cool 🙂

  • So hilarious that someone laughed in your face at bomb.com… it isn’t even that weird. I will definitely be using YOYO.

  • Fetch!!

    Can we bring that back?? 😀


  • Ok well…… I’m 28 and still use hella, bomb.com and the freeway – but everyone in Hawaii says freeway.. cause you know, we don’t have interstates, cause we’d have to oh – travel over a very large ocean to get to the next state.

  • I actually used to use “spiff” or “spiffy” quite a lot. I do use “crunchy,”but differently from you. Usually, I use it to describe someone of the hipster / hippie variety. You know, the types that like to hike every weekend, will shop only exclusively at farmers markets or specialty organic stores, and use essential oil for perfume? “Earthy” and “crunchy” are used interchangeably to describe someone of that persuasion.

    I’ve been called out recently for my overuse of “festive” which I think could be utilized way more beyond just the holiday season. For example:

    “Jenny and Bryan had people over for tapas and wine the other night. It was really festive.”
    “Those printed pants are SO festive!”

    or used sarcastically…

    “Studied four five hours last night at the library. It was beyond festive.”

  • I have read this post over and over again and you know what I still can’t think of a comment this I will blame on me being distracted while reading it

  • haha! the bomb dot com is hella hilarious! lol see what I did there? I also use amazeballs, amazebeans and I recently found out about absobloodylutely! haha! I’m gonna make those words happen in my place.

  • This post is so fetch.

  • hahaha I love this post. I use spiffy on my sons.. alot. haha
    I am totally on board with YOYO.


  • Strugglefest is a common one for me … I say it almost daily!

  • I recently moved east from the midwest and I learned quickly why they aren’t called freeways here 🙂 Also, I’m 100% behind you for hella and bomb.com. I think I’ll add YOYO in every once in a while too. I’ll support your cause.

  • I never thought that the word Freeway might be a California thing. I always use freeway for …. well, freeways. Do people not use that word in other places?!

  • I use Spiffy a lot! Always makes me smile. 😀 My sister and I also use “zuggy” to describe something that’s really wonderful. Like, “isn’t this shirt zuggy?!?” We didn’t make it up – one of our favorite authors, Madeline L’Engle, uses it in her books and since we’re usually the only two who know what it means, we love watching everyone else look confused. :p

  • I dig spiffy. I’ll help you out with that one.

  • Freeway is definitely a California word. I’m a California native and when I lived in Minnesota for a year, I was so confused because everyone called it a “highway” or “interstate” and when I said freeway, people looked at me like I was crazy…which I am but anyway…
    Hella is permanently part of my vocabulary. I don’t care if I’m in my 20’s, it is part of my California soul 🙂


  • “Hella” is definitely alive and kickin’ in NorCal.. haha. And from what I hear, “crunchy” is a way of describing natural-living, hippie types–also probably way more common on the West side. 😉

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