Wishful Wednesday

Happy Wednesday folks!

My wishes this week are random and don’t have much to do with material things; just general life wishes.

  • Last weekend I made a trip to Goodwill and totally struck out. They didn’t have anything that jumped out at me and the one adorable pair of Banana Republic dress pants I found had a small stain. I decided it wasn’t worth the money to buy them and hope it would come out. My wish is that on my next Goodwill/thrift store trip, I strike gold!

  • For the first time ever, I went to sleep with a headache and woke up with the same headache (usually if I go to sleep with one, it’s gone by morning). I was popping ibuprofen like they were candy yesterday and it was still pretty painful. I’m hoping that it continues to fade and I don’t have anymore sicknesses/health issues/crazy rashes all over my face.

  • I recently discovered LearnVest, thanks to my friend Katie. It’s a lot like mint.com or Finance Works (which I talked about here) but it’s directed at women and is even more aesthetically pleasing. Right now, the account tracking is in a beta version and my checking account won’t link. I’m so upset because I just love this website and the tools they offer. I brought my account issues to their attention (great customer service) and they are working on it. I still signed up and get the emails sent to me because their articles are interesting and helpful in personal financial planning. Check out this infographic they created, which looks at women in business. Did you know that only 16.1% of companies in the United States have a woman on their board? We need changes, ladies!  My wish is that I can get my account linked soon and while I’m at it, here’s to hoping that number is 50% by the time my future daughter is born.
What are your Wednesday wishes?
Do tell, I’d love to hear!

    Wishful Wednesday

    We all have a lot of things we would buy if we had the extra cash. Not a ton of extra cash, not those out-of-this-world fantasies about buying a beach house or driving a Bentley. Wishful Wednesdays feature dreams that seem far away now but could be attainable in the next year. 

    So here’s what I’m dreaming of this week:

    A blue ray player. 

    No, they aren’t super expensive (you can get a decent one for less than $100). However, it is an investment to start buying blue ray discs instead of DVDs. Since there are so many tempting  (read: cheesy romantic comedies from the 80’s) DVDs in the $5 bin at Walmart, it’s hard to justify making the switch right now. However, I 
    recently purchased a used HD Flat screen TV  and want to make use of the HD quality of it, not just the takes-up-less-space quality. So for now, this is something I ponder but never fully take the leap.

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