Wishful Wednesday: Travel Edition

If I really had a decent amount of money, the first thing I’d do is see the world. Since the amount of money I have can hardly be considered decent (and my vacay budget is $0), here are the more realistic trips I’d love to go on:

North Carolina – Something about this state just draws me in. I think I’ve read one too many Nicholas Sparks book (oh wait, I’ve read them all) but it just seems like a magical place. I imagine friendly people, small towns, and lots of love. Then from Raleigh to Charlotte, I’d love to see the charming cities. I hope I won’t be disappointed when I get there!

The deep south – Having ventured east to west at age 12 and then west to east to move back after college, I have a true love of road trips. While my Dad and I took a more southern route (i.e.  Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia) in our June 2010 trip, I’ve never been to the deep south (except of course an Atlanta layover or two). So one of my dreams is to see it, just to say I have. Ideally I’d like to road trip south and hit Alabama, Mississippi, and then Louisiana.

Punta Cana – Okay so it’s not super affordable but they offer some awesome all-inclusive packages from the east coast to the DR. Also, when you google it, most of the images look like this:

Take me there. Now. Gahhh!

But, just for kicks, let’s say I was being unrealistic. Here’s where I’d go:
Someday, right?
Happy Wednesday!

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