Wishful Wednesday: Opposite Edition

Today is opposite day here at Fancy Frugal. So instead of listing anything I would actually want, I’ve decided to list some things I know I’ll never want
So here goes:
A Mega Mansion – I’m absolutely certain that I never want to live in a mega mansion. Big houses scare me! And it doesn’t even have to be as big as this one (owned by the Spelling family). I wouldn’t even want to live in a big house for a normal, non-celebrity. I’d freak if I was home alone. Give me a little cottage or townhouse and I’m all set.

My own gun – I will never be a gun owner. Just looking at this one makes me a little nervous. I’m sure that if I had one I would be more likely to accidentally shoot someone who is not a home invader than actually use it for safety and protection. Gun ownership is just not for me.
A little dog – As far as little dogs go, this one is pretty cute (In my head I named her Jasmine. That’s normal, right?). I just don’t think I’m a little dog person. I plan on owning a Golden retriever or a Lab. So my life is like the cover of an L.L. Bean catalog, you know? I’d also like a dog that my boyfriend wouldn’t be embarrassed to take for a walk.
 Engagement photos –  Could someone please explain to me what the point is of these? I only really get it if you are going to use them for the save the date. It seems a bit like a waste of money if you aren’t. 
I also don’t understand why so many couples choose a piggy back ride as their pose of choice. Let me tell you, if the bf has ever given me a piggy back ride, it was not because we were frolicking in the park. It looked a bit more like this:

The end of pub golf, catching a lift home. Thanks, hun!
So, is there anything you’ve crossed off your list? 
Is there something you just know you’d never want to do or own?
Skydiving also comes to mind…

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