Why I’m Not Ready to be a Parent

This weekend I babysat my brother and sister, ages 10 and 12. I use the term babysat loosely because mostly what I did was sit on the couch with my sister and re-watched all of season 1 of Pretty Little Liars while searching Pinterest for anything and everything to do with Lucy Hale’s hair and makeup.

Why can’t I look like this? For a half a second I considered dying my hair brown but then my blog would make no sense.

Plus at 10 and 12, they pretty much watch themselves. I’m just there to drive them around and make sure they don’t starve to death.

This is how the conversation about PLL went.

     Me: “What do you want to watch?”
     Sister: “I don’t know.”
     Me: “Pretty Little Liars is on Netflix. We could start from the beginning. Are you allowed to watch that?”
     Sister: “Um, I don’t know.”
     Me: “Have you ever asked Mom if you could watch it?”
     Sister: “No”
     Me: “So she’s never specifically said you couldn’t watch it?”
     Sister: “Nope”
     Me: “Well you watch Glee so I’m sure it’s fine.”

And that, my friends, is Reason #1 why I’m not ready to be a parent. Is PPL questionable for a 12 year old? Maybe Probably. But I really wanted to watch it and isn’t it the job of an older sister to push the boundaries just a little?

On to Reason #2.

One thing I just cannot stand is a picky eater. I’m not picky (just no meat, thank you) and I’ll try just about any type of food out there. Paneer tikka masala? Check. Sushi? Check. Huevos rancheros? Get in my mouth. Kids have less refined palettes, shall we say, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

My brother eats like 3 things and will not eat anything else. Since I don’t have to cook for him, usually I just ignore it. Insert me there all weekend and turns out, I’m responsible for feeding them. So he says he wants soup and I said, okay pick a can. I open the can, plop it in a bowl and microwave it, and give it to him.

I give him the bowl and he insists that it doesn’t look the same. And I said (in my no-nonsense voice) “it’s exactly the same as Mom makes it so just eat it.”

If you’re a mom, you can probably already tell me what I did wrong. Um, see that word on the label – condensed. Someone forgot to add water so duh, it was basically just noodles, no soup. So no, it didn’t look just like Mom made it. She later found most of the noodles in the 2nd trashcan which is when I learned that he had basically not eaten dinner.

In summary: My Bad.

I totally made up for it by letting them stay up until midnight. Reason #3.

And a note to my parents. I kept them alive and somehow they both actually still like me. That’s pretty much all you get when you pay your babysitter in free junk food.


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  • I’m 100 percent with you on this one. i would have done the same thing. oh can you watch this?! great. also i just don’t like kids that much so better now have them!

  • It is kind of scary how much she looks like Rachel McAdams.

  • well when i was little i didn’t like a lot of broth, so my chicken noodle was just all sodium.

  • It’s so much easier to feed a picky eater when you have kids! You buy four or five things every grocery trip and move on with your life as an added bonus you have no little kid begging for your food every time you eat.

  • Yep I’m 1000000% not ready for kids. Getting my dog was a huge lesson in responsibility for me and I do not want any more, thankyouverymuch

  • I die when the kids I nanny (or my little brothers) tell me I don’t make or do things the way their mom does. Your mom isn’t here right now, so I’m the boss and I don’t want to be like her anyways….sorry not sorry.

    It sounds like a fun weekend with your siblings though!

  • This was so cute. I am totally on board with you. I don’t even understand adults that are picky eaters–I mean, just try it already! Everyone has to try foods to know whether or not they like them–that’s how it works! And my claim to fame is screaming profanities at the TV during football games in front of kids. But in my defense, who brings there kids to a football party and expects everyone to just smile and quietly watch the game?

  • I love PLL, and Lucy <3
    Nice post 😀


  • This cracked me up, girl! hilarious! Also…condensed soups are a taaaaaaaaad on the salty side. LOL. The water was just a little needed! BAHAHA.

  • I definitely agree… Not ready to be a parent. Besides I still think puppies are 10000 times cuter than babies and would totally prefer a new puppy over baby any day!

  • Haha well you tried!

  • Great post! So entertaining. Lucy Hale is gorg.

  • i’d do just about the same thing. i babysat for years and without the parents knowing, i was probably the worst babysitter out there. i had the best intentions but i have no idea how to talk to little kids. i’ll be waiting ten more years before crossing that bridge thank you very much.

  • absolutely hilarious. I’m totally on board with the no children thing too..at least not yet!

  • OMG this is too funny. I think it must be strange to have such young siblings. It must be fun for you! I’m sure you will be a great mom if you ever decide to have a baby. But for now sounds like the dog is good practice. Haha!

  • The good news is that you clearly aren’t eating that junky soup yourself, hence you of course wouldn’t know about the condensed bit.

  • Shut up I am DYING. This is hilarious! I could probably only be a a parent of a teenager (which I know sounds ABSURD) because I am a 8th grade teacher and can see thorough all their bull shit. Well that and I dont do sticky fingers and whining (which may or may not be a line I use with my 8th graders)

  • Haha! This post is just too funny! Surprisingly, I think I would actually pass on all those things. That’s what happens when I’m the oldest and always had to take care of those younger than me. But I’m so not ready for a kid. I want to have my fun first.

  • Sounds about like me when I am watching my nephews! I just started watching PLL last week and just completed season 1, such a good show!!!

  • I agree, I am NOT ready for kids yet!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • My 12yo daughter watches PLL and just started watching Weeds. When I finally sat down and watched it with her I was all Holy Crap! But really, she hears and sees all that at school. Might as well just let them!

  • I may be in a category all my own with the parenting thing. I just watched all 2 or 3 seasons on Netflix and my 5 1/2 yr old came in and out of the room playing the entire time. We let her watch quite a bit of shows that most probably don’t. She doesn’t get all of it but loves the hair and makeup. 🙂 She grew up watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Gilmore Girls!

    Hailey | Love, Laughter and Lipstick

  • Back East Brunette? 😉

  • This is too funny! I also love Lucy Hale’s makeup & hair- why can’t I ever look like that?!

  • K is a picky eater. As in, there are 10 things he eats and nothing more. The guy doesn’t even like lo mein. WHO DOESN’T LIKE LO MEIN?!

  • I love how you rationed that if she hasn’t been speciffically told not to watch PLL then she can watch it! haha

    x Natalie

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