Why I’ll Take My Husband’s Last Name

No, I’m not getting married.
Not even close (you’re off the hook for quite a while, Nav).
But when I do, I will take my husbands last name. Simple as that.
Why, you ask?
Not even a hyphen?
Nope, not even a hyphen.
Here’s my argument case.
You didn’t choose your Dad. That’s just not how it works.
Most American women (generalization, sorry) have their father’s last name.
So at birth you were given a name that you didn’t choose and that was already not yours.
It was his.
The good news is, I will choose my husband.
And when I do, I will make the choice to take his name.
Why? Because I didn’t pick my father, but I surely will pick my husband.
And taking his name won’t be some anti-feminist act.
It will be me giving up a name I did not choose for one that I did.
Funnily enough, I’ve already changed my last name once. 
From my Dad’s last name to my Mom’s.
Don’t ask. Divorces are messy and they make for messy childhoods.
And sassy teenagers.
So interestingly, the above argument doesn’t completely apply to me.
But let’s just go with it, shall we?
Because really I always wanted one name on my mailbox.
Tell me, did you take your husbands last name?
Are you planning to someday?

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