Why I loved Argo and why you will too.

If you see one movie this year, let it be Argo. 
It is without a doubt the best movie I’ve seen in years.
Let me tell you a little on the back story.

You know that guy I talk about a lot?
This one:

I might of mentioned before that he’s Persian.
That’s Iranian-American.
He’s born and bred in this here U-S-of-A.
New York, to be specific.
But his parents, they’re from Iran.

I love listening to stories about why they came to this country.
I love learning about their culture and 
why they chose to fully immerse themselves and become, 
as his dad would say, “the apple pie”.
His parents both left Iran right before the revolution in 1979.
Things were changing, they’ve told me.
And they wanted out.
Both came to the US and went to college. 
They met in New York and later married and had two 
All-American boys.
And I’m so glad they did.

For these reasons, I may have been way more fascinated to learn about Iran and the hostage crisis than a normal person would be.
Each image of Tehran during Argo brought to the forefront of my mind that the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins of the handsome guy sitting next to me in the theater, they were all there. Living it.

Argo is a thriller like none I’ve ever seen. Because it was based in reality, 
the story had to be believable. 
You hope for these people. You relate to them. You feel sorry for them.
Ben Affleck did a wonderful job as an actor and a director.
The movie moves along at a rapid pace, history perfectly intertwined with action, 
and a ton of heart. 

And in a total blonde moment,
Am I the only one who didn’t realize it snowed in Iran?
The scenery of Tehran was just beautiful and I was blown away my the imagery of the mountaintops surrounding the city.

Beautiful, right?
In other news, I also saw Pitch Perfect.
Yes, I’m a movie addict.
It was cute, cheerful, and a smidge cheesy but
all-together thoroughly entertaining.

Up next for my viewing pleasure,
Taken 2. Anyone seen it?
Worthy of the theater?

On to another week! 
Happy Monday, folks.

  • argo is definitely on my need to see list. i rarely go to the movies, but i definitely want to make a trip to see this one. something about seeing history and real life on screen really gets me excited.

    • It’s definitely worth it. I see a lot of movies and this one was money well spent. Go see it and tell me what you thought!

  • I am definitely going to see Argo this weekend! I’ve been dying ever since the previews came out (and Pitch Perfect because I was in my college’s all women’s acappela group). I’m glad to hear the movie was enjoyable. Taken 2 really should have been called Taken Again, don’t you think?

  • I heard Taken 2 got really bad reviews but I reallllly want to see! I loved Pitch Perfect, esp “Fat Amy”, she had me cracking up and I need to see Argo!! Looks good AND it has Ben Affleck in it?! Hellllo

  • I saw Argo on Saturday. I really enjoyed it. Being a non-history junky, like none at all– I didn’t realize it was based on a true story. Totally had me reeled in the whole time- loved it!

  • I saw Taken 2– EHH I’d wait for the DVD. My boyfriend loved it I just didn’t find the story line that believable.

  • I have heard great things about that movie! I’ll def check it out!

  • This sounds like a movie my husband and I could watch together! Btw your bf is so cute! Have I said that before? 😉 lol

    • Haha I think you may have but I can never hear it enough 🙂 I know I am very lucky.

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