Who Would Play Me?

Have you ever really thought about who would play you 
if your life were a sitcom or a movie?
Or really, what character combination would be the most “you”?

I love tv. I watch way too much of it.
And at any given time, I’ve seen at least 3 movies at the theaters.
I regularly watch an alarming number of tv shows.
You name it, I probably watch it.
So it’s safe to say, if my life was a sitcom, it’d be pretty dull.
Maybe I won’t pitch that to the tv execs anytime soon…
But we’re getting off track here…
Today, since there’s a good chance that you’re new around here,
(if you’re stopping by from Messy Dirty Hair, Hi!)
I’ll give you a clearer picture of what I’d be like, in character form.


1. She’s a bit bossy, a control freak, and doesn’t want her kids to do any of the stuff she did when she was younger. Oh Claire, Modern Family somehow made you neurotic but lovable. Wait, neurotic people can be lovable, right? Right!?!
2. He sings everything that he does and wants to save the world. Boom! My songwriting skills rival Taylor Swift Kanye Phoebe Buffay. Think Smelly Cat. Oh and by day, I work for a childhood cancer non-profit. See? Marshall and I just might be M.F.E.O. (name that movie) or the exact same person.
3. If you don’t recognize this epic meltdown, we can’t be friends. Okay, we can, but only if you promise to watch Steel Magnolias ASAP (what on earth did you do on sick days as a kid?). M’lynn worries. About everything. And when her worries wind up being justified, she loses her shit. M’lynn is my homegirl. 
If someone was a combination of the above,
dog obsessed,
and loved that’s-what-she-said jokes,
wouldn’t that just be the perfect character?
Couldn’t keep a straight face on that one.
To put nicely, they’d be “quirky”.
That’s me.
Though I totally wish I could tell you that I’d be some combination of these cool characters.

I’m just not that chill/non-traditional/clever.
For the record, Naveed would be alarmingly like Ross from Friends.
It’s probably one of the reasons I fell in love with him.
Sappy sappy vom vom. 
What characters would be the most “you”?



  • I don’t know if Kourtney Kardashian counts as a tv character, but I totally identify with her crazy mom moments. In the non-reality world, I’d be a mix of Lilly (HIMYM), Rachel (Glee), and Andy Sachs (Devil Wears Prada).

  • Coming over from the Messy Dirty Hair giveaway. I watch entirely too much tv too 🙂 I really have no idea who I’d be!

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  • Sometimes I think you and I were separated at birth. I can completely relate to all of those characters in so many ways. And I also have a bit of a television obsession…I’m the annoying girl who, no matter what might be going on, is like “oh my god, have you ever seen that episode of Friends where XXXX??? This is just like that!”. Drives Arsen crazy. But Ross??? I couldn’t love that comparison more.

  • I think you and I might be the same person. What a fun post.

  • I’m so glad I’m not the only one with a girl crush on Andi Anderson. WHY am I not that cool?!?!

  • I wish I could compare myself to some powerful and assertive TV lawyer lady… I think I am more of a Liz Lemon…haha. Claire D might be neurotic, but she’s super organized…haha.
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  • A big HECK YES to Marshall Erikson. I’ve been following you on Bloglovin’, insta, and twitter…I don’t know how I wasn’t following you on GFC yet though!! So thanks to MessyDirtyHair, now I am! 😀 Love your blog!

  • Coming over from Messy Dirty Hair. I would definitely want Jennifer Lawrence to play me in a movie if I had to choose. 🙂

    • Wow,The Panda class has been busy sculpting. Very much look fawrord to seeing the creations after the Assembly on Friday!Esther (Jasmine’s mum)

  • This is such a fun idea for a post!

  • Also, I forgot to tell you! I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Details are on my blog post today. I hope you have time to do it! It was fun 🙂

    Have a great day!


  • my fiance and I talk about how I am completely Claire and he is def Phil. Modern Family is so wonderful and hard to watch sometimes 🙂

  • dude, my fiance is totally Phil Dunphey. me? I would be claire. that show is real.

  • What a fun post! I have no clue what characters would be like me.. but now I want to figure it out 😀
    I’m also stopping by from Messy Dirty Hair.

  • Love this, you are too cute! Glad to have found you from Messy dirty hair 🙂

  • Hi! Found you through Messy Dirty Hair.

  • Hi there, again wanted to say how rad I think you are, So happy to have found your blog through MDH!!!! I laughed out loud at the steel magnolias character part…I have seen that movie probably over 200 times…..”wacka weeza” HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

    I guess if I had to think off the top of my head who’s characters are the most like me….I would probably say 1. Shoshanna from HBO’s Girls (because sometimes I just don’t chill out and relax) 2. Monica from Friends (I am a neat freak/OCD person when it comes to my stuff being a certain way) 3. Deborah from Dexter (because sometimes my mouth spouts off dirty words just like her). HA!!!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  • Clicked on you from City Sequins and it was love at first sight of M’lynn. That screen shot alone makes me crack up and I am exactly the same way. With a bit of Monica from Friends thrown in– I hate losing and being wrong! haha

    Tami @ friday morning buzz

  • this is SUCH a fun idea. i wish i could be played by a beautiful and classy lovely like keira knightley or someone. but i’d probably be someone much more skitzy 🙂
    i love that you chose marshall from himym! so funny!
    loving your blog, now following you <3
    taylor from anticipation (anticipationblog.blogspot.com)

  • I’d like to be a mix of Rachel Green, Samantha Jones (not necessarily the premiscuous Samantha but they free thinking Samantha), and Sarah Braverman.

    I’m stopping by from Messy Dirty Hair even though I already follow you and have for a few months:)

  • Awww I think about this all the time. How fun! I definitely will be thinking of who all I would be. Maybe will do a post next week. You’re too fun.

  • Hi! MessyDirtHair sent me here! I love a girl who knows her M’Lynn Eatenton. And yeah, I over-identify with her (I’d medal in worrying). But the (weirdo) guys I’ve dated remind me of Carrie (if Carrie were nerdier and into Sci-Fi as well as Louboutins). If anything I wish I had Robin Sherbatsky’s wardrobe! For a girl-raised-as-a-boy and former Robin Sparkles, she sure knows how to dress.

  • you have the best posts ever, my friend. I’d have to think on this one for a while…

  • you are quirky, HILARIOUS and beautiful. you can bet i just followed you on GFC and bloglovin!

    I hope you follow back so we can stay in touch. i just adore your blog! 🙂 xoxooxox

  • Oh how I love Modern Family. The fact that you mentioned Claire made me so happy, and yes neurotic can be loveable!

  • Now this is a fun game!
    My husband tells me that I’m a mix between Claire from Modern Family, and Ellie from Cougar Town (clearly, a soft and cuddly mix). Meanwhile, he is definitely Adam from Rules of Engagement (my cousin even calls him Adam) with a dash of Modern Family’s Phil 🙂

  • i’ve never thought about it before. now you make my mind wandering.
    this is fun! haha, Marshall is hilarious. i love him. i still can’t decide my favorite character from Friends. i love each one of them.

  • Modern family is one of my favorite shows! (Just found out about your blog from Messy Dirty Hair)

  • This is amazing. I think I’d be a little of Jess from new girl because I randomly sing and dance, some mindy from the mindy project becuause I’m ditzy sometimes, and probably some claire in there too, because every girl is a little bit crazy.

  • Andie Anderson! yay! MY FAVORITE movie is how to lose a guy in 10 days – she rocks! cute post…and yes, you guessed it – came over from Messy Dirty Hair!

  • Hi, stopping by from Messy Dirty Hair. I’d totally be the mom on That 70’s show. Strong but caring. That’s me.

  • I randomly stumbled across your blog and I’m so glad I did. I have been LOL’ing at your posts and awww’ing at Archie! I have a Lab mutt and a chihuahua who run my life. Just wanted to say hi and I’m a new follower. I see we share a love of How I Met Your Mother. Awesome! Happy Easter!

  • coming from Olive & Ivy. I’ve been told I’m like Jess from New Girl, which is a compliment because she’s darn cute 🙂

  • I have no idea who I would be. People in the past have told me Elle Woods (minus the blonde hair), Bridget from 8 Simple Rules, or that girl from Last Man Standing. I would have to think about it, because I watch so much tv and movies.

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