Who Knows YOU Best?

If you need someone in life to consistently reaffirm your awesomeness, who wants to spend every possible second with you, and who doesn’t mind loves sleeping 2 inches from your face, get a dog

I’d also venture to say that Archie knows me better than anyone on this planet. Why?

Archie overhears every conversation that Naveed and I have. He knows our short and long term goals, our ridiculous dreams, and is privy to every conversation we’d be too embarrassed to tell anyone else we have. 

Archie knows all of my secret single behavior (SATC reference, anyone?) i.e. all the stuff I only do when I’m alone. 

This may or may not include: singing loudly, listening to swing music and leading my invisible dance partner, seeing how long I can hold a handstand against the wall of our dining room, drinking directly out of the milk carton, and desperately attempting to learn Anna Kendrick’s Cup song

Archie’s thoughts on privacy: Oh, you’re taking a shower? Cool, I’ll come too. 

He never ever gets annoyed by me, sick of me, or pissed off about my snarky comments. Ever. 

How awesome is that? So the next time you do something completely embarrassing in front of your dog, just remember, that precious creature will always keep all of your secrets.


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  • love. you have the sweetest-looking puppy. if only animals could talk, the things they’d have to say. ha! xo – chels @ LLinaBC.com

  • I wish I had your life! My hubs won’t let me get a dog and my bff just got a pitbull puppy yesterday that I might just steal

  • Loved this post, Nadine!! Haha my dogs (AND cat) know so much about my fam and I from that they’ve heard. (I guess I should include our fishy, too, but I don’t think he can hear us all that well.)

    They even know I, too, spent HOURS learning the Cup Song (routine + lyrics) and that I try to play it every chance I get–which they prolly don’t enjoy :). And not to brag or anything, but I’m now a proud fluent Cup Songer :D.

    So kudos as you embark on this endeavor. The joy you’ve felt after accomplishing other life goals won’t compare to the elation you’ll feel once you you’ve mastered this one, haha 🙂

  • Secret Single Behavior- I like to eat stacks of saltines with grape jelly while standing in the kitchen flipping through fashion magazines. General approves.

  • Cat

    He is absolutely adorable! I would love to have a sweet puppy like yours.

  • Hahaha this is great. My dogs LOVE the shower…they both will sit in the bathroom and hang out with me when I am in there. So strange…but maybe they just like me singing to them 🙂 hehe

  • Awww man’s (and wo-man’s) best friend for sure.

  • Aww, so cute! I used to have two boxers and they were always up in my business. I used to sing songs to them all the time.

  • i agree 100% with this. and i love my dog. he is literally the best. ever.

  • Aww, how cute i that! And I love the dog in the bath tub!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Yup. I learned this when I got my cats. You can use them as sounding boards. However… a dog seems to listen more and make me feel less stupid. Cats always seem a little judgey….

  • You pooch is so cute! My pups definitely know me better than most. Tessa (my girl dog) is the same way with the shower. She always tries to hop in with me. It’s cute except when I don’t have time to dry her off. Pups leave such a deep mark on your heart, they are my kids.

  • Reece is by far my best friend too. Hence the blog name 🙂

  • He is adorable!

  • hahaha love this! my dog will follow me anywhere! and apparently he has claimed my bed as his. he takes up more space than i do!

  • That first picture is so great, he is SO huge and fluffy! And I totally know. I really wonder what it would be like if our pets spilled the beans on us! 🙂

  • Dogs are seriously the best. My roommate has a dog, and she thinks she belongs to both of us. I love it because I get all the benefits of having a dog around, without having to pay for the grooming or the vet or any of the rest.

  • Ha! I’m dying at the bathtub photo! My dogs, especially my Chester, definitely know me better than anybody else!

  • Such a cute pup! Giving me the puppy fever 🙂

  • so true.

    And does he really do that in the shower?


  • I got a dog a month ago and I feel the exact same way. She’s my new bff!

  • Was Archie hard to train? I just got a golden pup 2 weeks ago and am looking for some tips!

    • He wasn’t, actually. They are really smart. The only thing we still struggle with is jumping up on people. He went through beginning and intermediate dog class at PetSmart and we liked it a lot. It was also great for socialization. I mean, I pretend like Archie is super well behaved but he isn’t perfect. The key thing is this: our dog trainer told us that you want to train the dog to YOUR idea of what is a good dog. Archie can get on the couch and the bed and everything and we are fine with it. Someone else might not be.

  • our dog, Rory, is the same way! she falls asleep at the foot of our bed and somehow, during the course of the night, makes her way up to lay her head down on a pillow and sleeps parralel to us, as if she was a human. gotta love our fur-babies.

    ps- I am now officially addicted to that Cups song! I remember loving it from the movie, but the music video is even better!

  • awwww! yeah my dogs have caught me in some embarrassing moments and they don’t mind if I pick my nose or sing really badly. love the unconditional love!
    — jackie – jade and oak

  • Awww how precious! My cat is such a weirdo and every time I turn the shower on, he’s right there staring into it the whole time..

  • I heard the cup song on the radio the other day and had to pull over to facebook about it…not even embarrassed a little bit. I’m going to you tube it right now actually… 🙂

  • haha i love this. archie has a ton of personality (but how could he not, with a mama like you!?) 🙂 we’re planning on getting a dog in july, if all goes well, and THESE are the things that make me so excited!!

  • Archie is getting so big!! I feel like I know him because I have watched him grow via your blog 🙂 He is such a cutie. And I totally agree, dogs are the very very best. I always tell Loki that he is my best friend, and such a great listener. Haha.

    xo, Courtney

  • Aw, Archie is adorable. Dogs really are the best, I go crazy missing my dog even when I’m away from her for a night.

  • I love this! Dogs really do make great best friends. I’m going to hug my dog a little tighter tonight after reading this 🙂


  • what a sweet face! wish I could say I kept Charlie’s secrets like he keeps mine, but it’s just not true…

  • Your dog is amazing, along with your blog!

    As a fellow California native on the East Coast and dog momma I look forward to following along!

  • Your dog is so adorable!

    (By the way, I think I’m supposed to say that Jessica Who? sent me over here!)

  • Truest of true blog posts I’ve ever teas. There’s absolutely no love like that of a dog.

  • Ah so jealous. You just understand friendship until you have a dog. 😉 (commenting from the giveaway!)

  • I just love Archie! Look at him gettign in the shower!!! He’s just too damn cute! (Commenting from Jessica Who on this one)

  • this actually made me cry. less than one month ago we had to put down our 5 years old yellow lab due to a congenital kidney disease we did not knew about before that very same day. she was basically poisoning herself because more than 85% of her kidney were destroyed. i know it was the right thing to do, but it hurts. dogs take such a big part of your life. and i agree, they know you like nobody else does because, you can be 100% yourself in front of your dog and tell them everything and they won’t judge you. they’ll keep on being their loving self and just being awesome, cause that’s what dogs do. they’ll always be there for you, no matter what.

    i hope your dog will live a long and healthy life because, let’s be honest, having to put down your dog when that very same morning you thought you still had 10 years with her, well it sucks. and i wouldn’t wish that to anyone.

  • Archie is awesome! I have a fur baby named Scout. Best decision of my life was to get a dog.


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