White Jeans and Lazy Tees

Sometimes I pretend I’m a fashion blogger. I walk down the street, set up my tripod, and start taking pictures. Then as cars/runners/dog walkers/neighbors go by, I become horrifically embarrassed and spend the entire time brainstorming what I’ll tell them if they ask me what the hell I’m doing. 
Stream of consciousness: oh my god is that car slowing down? why? why are they slowing down? crap! there’s the neighbor who is a REAL photographer. what’s my back story? last time I told her it was for photography class. she doesn’t know it ended. i’m working on portraits. yes, that’s it. and aperture. that’s less embarrassing than telling her i have a blog. oooh cute runner man. look casual. oh my god i look like a self-absorbed crazy. i’m on the corner taking pictures of myself. i can’t. escape! must. go. inside. now.
Top: F21, Pants: F21 via Goodwill, Shoes: Payless, Bracelets: gifts, Watch: Anne Klein, gift

I don’t know what I’m doing. I think that’s the problem.

Moving right along…This is my favorite kind of outfit. It’s lazy but somehow manages to look fashionable. Pretty sure this tank is a pajama top. What can I say, I’m a jeans and a t-shirt kind of girl. 

Well, I’m off to go spill something on these jeans. Happens every. Single. Time. But first…

Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to Sara from Pearls and Curls (with a hint of bourbon). Sara and I definitely had similar college experiences. And by that I mean, we maybe partied a bit too much. She’s also an avid sports fan who isn’t afraid to confront awkward situations. Oh, and she makes great use of GIFs, kind of like someone else I know (what can I say, I love GIFs!). 

You can read more about Sara here or tweet at her and tell her your silliest college story. Come on, we know you’ve got one. Don’t forget to visit Pearls and Curls and tell her I sent you!
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  • Love the outfit! Chic and comfy…my fave!

  • This is totally my every-day wardrobe too! Whenever I’m taking pictures for a blog I feel really weird too..

  • haha too funny! Love your wedges. More power to you for being able to do self portraits that takes skill I think!

  • Your porch is the perfect spot for outfit photos- I’m so jealous. You don’t have to really leave the house and the lighting still works. Sort of hate you 😉

  • You’re so cute! I love this outfit and I totally know what you me about being embarrassed to take photos of yourself. I’m in the same boat!

  • love this easy, breezy look! you are radiant!

  • I do love the tank, but more importantly, I appreciate your honest acknowledgment of the fact that the white jeans will soon be soiled.

  • I really like this look!

  • so that’s how you people have such awesome pictures all the time! now i need to get myself a damn camera…

  • Love this look! If I didn’t have a donkey booty I’d totally rock some white pants. I make up stories to tell people when I take pictures of my food.

  • Super cute! You’re so brave, I refuse to take pictures of myself in public!

  • i love this outfit!! you are so cute and your hair is beautiful!!!

  • I want those pants!!! And I would have honked if I saw you and screamed, “HOTTTIIIEEE!!”

  • I am terrified to take pictures outside. thanks goodness I’m not a fashion blogger 🙂

  • I love this look! You rocked it….and you go girl. No shame in setting up that tripod

  • So funny. I hate taking outfit pictures. Everyone does stare!

  • love your outfit! and I’m digging the wavy hair!

  • Cute outfit and this would totally be me! I even hate taking selfies…why most of mine are in the car or alone in the bathroom!

  • I love this casual look and your wedges are great!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • you’re brave to hit the sidewalk – tripod in hand! I tend to venture to empty parking lots as if that looks any better. It really is ridiculous! Nothing wrong with T’s and jeans and I love the wedges and anchor bracelet!

  • Stop being so cute. I hate you.

    (Not really.)


  • Girl I live for white jeans… you are rocking it! xo

  • I love those white jeans! I’ve been wanting to buy a pair.. but I am always getting dirt on my pants ha ha. I can’t imagine being able to keep them white. Love this post, you are too funny!

  • I absolutely could not do it!!! I get embarrassed if the neighbors are outside when Mj takes a picture of me outside of our house. I’m usually like, hurry up!!! Like 2 shots and we’re done because I don’t want anyone to see. Love the cute casual look. That’s my fav type of outfit.

  • Love love love white jeans. But I have a confession–I’m totally creepin on your neighborhood/what I think is your porch in your photos! It looks gorgeous. I dream of living in a house where we have an actually lawn and not just some sad greenish-brown excuse for grass.

  • White is the best color jean ever! Classic. And I am a “front porcher” people driving by just think someone famous probably lives there ha 😉

  • hahaha you are crazy. kudos for having the guts to go stand outside with the tripod though! i would die of embarrassment if someone saw me, so i don’t know how you do it.

  • Love this! I am all about white jeans lately!

  • I’m a big fan of that outfit! I’ve been rocking some very similiar versions of it myself. Now I just need to get the balls to set up a tripod instead of publishing my crappy iPhone selfies….

  • Haha I loved your description of the embarrassment of taking selfies! I make my boyfriend take my bloggy blog pictures for me and I still feel super embarrassed, luckily…he is a photography student so we can always use that excuse. Your outfit is perfect!

  • Love outfits like these! Im jealous you found white jeans, I have been on the biggest hunt for them!

  • DUDE, genius idea. I never thought of setting up a tripod. I always end up with pictures in the mirror that never turn out right for my attempt at an OOTD post. And my husband has no interest in taking outfit pics after a long day of work. So good job! Who cares if some random car thinks you’re a little nuts. Play it up, start making faces or freaking out silently as they drive by. Give em a show!

  • Hahaha, love the stream of consciousness. I would totally think like that, too, except I still hide in my fenced-in backyard.

    Also, if a pajama top is cute and can pass for a real shirt, why not? I think it works.

  • ahh this is why I don’t have better/more blog photos of myself. I need a tripod and to go to a quiet dead end street. awkwarddddd. but you look totally cute and professional 🙂
    — jackie – jade and oak
    jewelry giveaway

  • New follower from Katie’s blog at …for Lauren and Lauren. My “favorite book” is The Great Gatsby (only book I actually read in high school: rest were Cliff/SparkNotes like you) and my actual favorites are The Hunger Games series 🙂 You are hilarious: can’t wait to read the rest of your blog!


  • I never even thought about that before but LOL! I just always see these photos on blogs, assuming someone else is taking the photos. Love it!

  • Your first paragraph is how I feel exactly! Made me laugh! Love your outfit..easy to throw on, but very chic!!

  • I love the outfit – these type of outfits are literally my go-to’s everydays when I don’t want to dress up but don’t want to look like a homeless person, haha. I feel the same way! I use to be into photography and having a lack of models, I did a lot of self portraits.. super awkward!

  • I know! Taking pics of yourself is awkward…but so glad you did, because this outfit is adorable!!

  • I would be the same way! But you look like a natural:)

  • LOVE the white jeans with those wedges! Awesome casual look girl xo

  • My favorite shirts are definitely the $8 tees from Target, you just can’t beat them. By the way, your hair is gorgeous!!

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