Whirlwind Weekend

Well this weekend was wildly successful. I had a complete blast. I feel so lucky that I love my beau’s college besties. They are a great group of guys and have been so welcoming (too welcoming?) to me. 

And as I mentioned here, I was a little worried that my tolerance was not what it was in college and that I might accidentally drink too much. To top off such a fun day, I spent the evening uber buzzed but never too ridiculous. Mission accomplished.

Here are some pics from my Saturday. We don’t always get this crazy, but when we do it’s oh-so-fun.

Boys like to make up their own games. This one you throw a ball at each other. Out so early, Nav?

Glad these ladies could come.

There is never enough AC when there are this many people in an apartment.

Sometimes boys get even sillier after a few drinks.

What I wore:
Dress: Marshalls, $12.99
Belt: Marshalls, $9.99
Shoes: Payless, $24.99

Girls gotta get her drank on.

So that was my super crazy weekend in pictures. We’ll re-do this in about 6 months. Until then, most of my Saturday nights will be spent sober.  Thanks to all the guys for such an awesome time!

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