What’s In My Closet

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do a “what’s in my bag” type post.
I always love them and it feels so personal to take a peek.
If you looked at my purse, I guarantee these would be your thoughts:
Oh my god. This girl has every receipt from the past year.
Crumpled up. In the bottom.
And why does she have 8 lip balms and lipsticks but her lips are still chapped-nasty?
Oh, and it seems like it would be a good idea if she kept her debit card actually in her wallet…
not just floating in the bottom.

So, as that would not be very exciting, I’ve opted to share
What’s in my Closet (bathroom closet, that is).

Because I’m a serious product junkie.
Oh, buy one get one 50% off? Count me in.
Random but expensive trip to ULTA? Happens too often.
Let’s take a peek, shall we?

Let’s break it down by shelf, cause it’s just that bad.

1. Gold Bond Anti-Itch Lotion – My legs are so itchy. All the time. It’s not normal. 
2. Elnett Hairspray -This stuff is like $13 bucks. Crazy but I’ve had it for over a year. 
3. Garnier Fructis Hairspray – My drugstore go-to hairspray. 
4. Tresemme dry shampoo – Gives good volume, makes hair feel gross but look great. 
5. Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Lotion – I just bought it cause it smells good. 
6. CHI Iron Guard – Free sample! Thank god I didn’t pay for it cause I hate it. 
7. Baby Powder – Dry shampoo for poor people. 
8. Fish Oil – Vitamins for vanity. I want good hair! 
9. Coconut Oil – Hair mask for poor people. 
10. Pepto – The cure for hangover stomach.

11. Nail Polish Collection – I don’t buy anything over $4. Ever. Someone sell me on Essie cause I just don’t get it.
12. L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Airbrush Tan – Bought it. Regret it. You’d have to be an expert to have no spots. 
13. Bodycology White Gardenia – Best drugstore scent you can buy.
14. CeraVe – If I could recommend one product ever, it would be this. Recommended to my by my dermatologist, changed my life! One bottle lasts like 6 months. I also use it to remove eye makeup.
15. Benzaclin – Prescription pimple cream. Good stuff. Dries the crap out of your skin though.
16. Bio-Oil – Great for dry skin, not greasy even though it’s oil.
17. Purpose Lotion w/ Sunscreen – Best daytime lotion. Been using this for at least 10 years.
18. Walgreens Perfection Compact Tampons – I always used to buy Tampax but I swear, these are just as good! And they are almost always buy one, get one 50% off. I highly recommend if you’d like to save a few bucks.

The funniest part of all of this is that I probably use 3 of these products on a daily basis. And this is just whats on the front lines! Pushed in the back you’ll find hotel shampoos, perfume samples, 5 half empty toothpastes, and 6 completely empty boxes of tampons. Let’s also note that this isn’t even any of my makeup.

So what’s the deal?
Am I easily duped or what?
What are the everyday products in your routine?


  • I love this post… mostly because I LOVE knowing what people have in their medicine cabinets! I secretly look inside them all the time… haha.

    I also now want to come to your house and use all your things.

  • Loved reading this! I’m with you on the nail polish, $4 is about my limit too! Essie hurts me just thinking about paying $8-$9 a bottle. No thank ya!

  • My legs itch all the time too, but they’re not dry…weird.

    I used to have tons of stuff I didn’t use (read: half empty (or full depending on your viewpoint) bottles of shampoo and conditioner, medical stuff I never used (Ibuprofen, cold medicine, etc), and various other used things), but after moving about a thousand times in the last few years, I’ve learned to just let go lol.

    I need to get some coconut oil, I’ve heard good things!

  • I am so getting Gold Bond Anti Itch! My legs are constantly itchy and I can’t figure out why!

  • Haha. Your comments about you purse ring SO true to me. At my bridal shower, they did the “what’s in the bride’s purse?” game and it was REALLy embarrassing. Now, I buy Essie nail polish but it’s simply because the display at Target always attracts my eye. Marketing… it pulls me right in 😉

  • This post is so great! I feel the same way about showing everyone the contents of my purse…not a pretty sight. And your “dry shampoo for poor people” comment is hilarious! I’m guilty of shaking a little bit of that in my hair when I don’t have time to wash it…which happens way more than I’d like to admit!

  • So funny! I feel like I’m looking at my closet. Although we recently moved so most of my stuff still lives in a rubbermaid container, not even touched in a few months. I never finish a bottle of anything and am so picky w/ products! I hate that Chi iron guard too except I was the sucker who actually bought it! Haha 🙂 Good post!

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