What I Wore Wednesday: Obsessed

Hi, I’m Nadine and I desperately need a bang trim.
Remember the last time I posted a picture of me wearing this sweater?
I pretty much haven’t taken it off my body since then.
I’m obsessed.


I was even wearing it during my infamous face plant.
I may have lost my dignity and some skin on my hands but thank God 
I did not tear the sweater.
Boom! Nails match too. Accidental, of course.
Actually matching on purpose would be cheesy.
I’m just proud of myself for having my nails done. 


Shirt: Gap Outlet, $5
Pants: Gap Outlet Aubrey Pant, $5.99
Shoes: F21, $19.99
Sweater: F21, $24.80
Necklace: Target, Clearance, $6
Purse: F21, $24
And here I am pretending not to notice that tripod.
Happy Wednesday!


  • I love that you mixed the print of the sweater with animal print!

  • I love this entire outfit! But the sweater and the bag are fab.

  • You’re the cutest. And I think your bangs are cuuute!

    xo, Courtney

  • Love everything about this! The green is gorgeous on you!

  • Love every piece of this outfit. The sweater (of course) and the purse are my favorite individual pieces.


  • You look great hun. And your long hair makes me miss mine. 🙁 I’m ready for it to be down my back again. why must chicks go thru drastic hair measures. hope you had a rocking wednesday. would love to see you some time at my blog @ http://pinkowl07.blogspot.com/

  • You are so gorgeous! And funny. “Here I am pretending not to notice that tripod.” Haha that’s what I think of when I see self taken pictures. At least you can take them, I don’t even have a tripod. Oh and good thing you didn’t tear that sweater when you fell, it’s adorable!

  • no wonder you love that sweater – it’s fabulous! i tend to have favorites of the moment that i will constantly re-wear too. why not?

  • I’m going for a mani today and getting that color! So pretty. And I can see why you want to wear that sweater every day. It’s awesome. Thanks so much for linking up!

  • That sweater is awesome! I wouldn’t take it off either!

  • Nadine, that mint color just looks too pretty on you with your pretty blonde blonde hair! I’m still trying to get mine back to that color after failing at being a red head -__-

    <3 Danielle

    PS. still lusting over that sweater

  • I’m pretty sure we have on the same nail color. We are sooo MFEO. <3333

  • That sweater is too cute and I love the pairing of the coral and mint!

  • Love love love love love!

  • you are ADORABLE! stopping over from MDHair 🙂 xoox

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