Weekend Recap: Running, Toes and Sprinkles

This holiday weekend was a great one. 

We kicked off Saturday by getting up bright and early (4:50am!) so that Naveed could run his very first half marathon. 

Coming in to the finish line
Crossing the finish

09:46 Pace

I’m so proud!
The sweaty hug that I didn’t want. I love you but come on. Drenched after a half marathon? No thanks.

After the half marathon (since my feet hurt from all that sitting I did at the finish line ha) I treated myself to the first pedicure I’ve had in over a decade. It was magical, although not worth $25. 

Then later, a special treat. Why they don’t have frozen custard or water ice in California, I’ll never know. It’s like ice cream x100. 

Chocolate frozen custard with sprinkles. Duh.

We followed up that fabulous Saturday with two barbeque’s, friends, family, and fun. 
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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