This is the way I live (name that song)

Remember as a kid when you would go to friends houses and you’d see how differently other families lived? The funny thing about being a kid in someone elses home is that no one cleans up when you come over. You get to see other families as they truly live.

I had one friend whose whole family was vegetarian and they were very artsy people (read: hippies). Every time I’d go over to their house I would marvel at the random clutter. Our house was always clean and nothing was out of place. Aside from lots of dog hair, it probably looked a bit like a pottery barn ad (Good job Mom, not sure how you pulled that off with 4 dogs and 2 kids).

Naveed and I have lived together for 3 months now.
By all accounts, I am a grown up. I have a salary, my own apartment, and a live-in boyfriend. Hell, I’m even responsible for another living being. But sometimes I see pictures on Pinterest or on other blogs and I just feel inadequate. 
Am I the only grown up whose house is always a disaster?

My apartment could be cute. When we first moved in, I spent lots of time (and money) making it look cozy and homey. We had a cream colored shag area rug, nice throw pillows, soft blankets, and an awesome recliner. One week with Archie and that carpet was rolled up and in the basement. The dining room table is constantly being used as a staging area for something, right now it’s the pile of purchased Christmas gifts and wrapping supplies.

Since I’d like to eliminate some some of the shame of being a slob, here’s a glimpse into my home as it currently is:

Yes, that is my coffee table. Yes, that is how it always looks. 
The white table in the top right has a cute basket for mail. Really it’s where we dump all the mail and never look at it again. The cute lamps on either side of the TV above them mantle? Those are scarf/purse hangers, my friends. And do Archie’s toys have a designated area? Nope. 

Do you think cleanliness is learned, innate, or acquired with age? At some point will I grow out of this? Or perhaps, as I theorize, most peoples houses actually do look like this, but they always clean up before other people come over.  I figure, a home is a home and it should be lived in. If it doesn’t bother me and it doesn’t bother Nav and only rarely does anyone come over, we can just leave it like this right?

Now tell me, does your house look as cute as Pinterest would lead me to believe other peoples houses look? Tell me we aren’t the only couple whose combined sloppiness is getting a bit out of hand!

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