The Time I Didn’t Run A Marathon

There is no feeling quite as inspiring being at the finish line of a marathon. 

And no feeling quite as pathetic as waking up the morning after, sore and weak, knowing that you were not one of the people who crossed the finish line

That’s right, all I did was carry cases of water and I cannot hold it together this morning. Cannot lift my arms above my shoulders. 

We had a full and busy weekend. I attempted a side bang (fail), had a few too many, reminisced about childhood (laser tag!) and fell asleep watching Lincoln (boooo-ring) while my two boys enjoyed a history lesson.

Let’s be clear, that runner is not me. It’s my good friend Katie, who finished her first Half Marathon this weekend. So proud of her!

Marathon’s are a strange thing. So many of the people crossing the finish line looked completely out of shape, and yet they weren’t. They had just accomplished something that I definitely couldn’t (today. maybe with some training I could). 

And then, tragedy struck.

An older gentlemen crossed the finish line after completing the full marathon. His eyes rolled back in his head, he collapsed, and the medics found no pulse. Watching someone nearly die in front of you? That will shake you up quite a bit. Fortunately, they revived him and I read in the paper that he’s in stable condition. 

It kind of made me wonder if some people just shouldn’t push their bodies that far. I definitely pondered the limitations of the human body for a bit, before eventually deciding to go for a run myself. I’m still working on learning to run even though I hate it, after Bri wrote such a guest post on the subject. 

Lastly, RIP beard. And thanks, Nav, for shaving it half off and then scaring the crap out of me. 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I’ll be over here complaining all day about how sore I am. In the mean time, allow Carly to keep you company.

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Carly from The Pinot Project. Carly is one of my favorites because the way she writes makes it feel like you are having a chat with one of your closest friends. Incidentally, she also has a tab just for her dog children, which is when I knew that we really would be close friends in real life. 

She keeps it real as she ponders how blogging feels like a secret society (so true), the 5 worst kinds of gym-goers, and even made me a little worried about my own travel etiquette with this airport behavior post. She also recently celebrated her 31st birthday and shared some life lessons with us. Check out #30. That’s the one I need to work on most. 

Go visit Carly at The Pinot Project or tweet at her and share your greatest life lesson so far.


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  • I love the side bang on you! I think it looks very cute. I avoid bangs because they’re too much work. Haha but I think you look great!

  • Haha, great photos and I agree, love the bangs!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • haha! I could never run a marathon (or half marathon), I just hate running! And yes, I remember having sore arms for a day after carrying around those cases of water bottles in college.

  • PSH – just tell everyone you “had” a marathon last night 😉


  • OMG! You saw someone almost die! That would’ve pushed me over the edge!

    And… you’re totally right about the whole “she doens’t look like a runner thing.” My dad made the same comment while we were at the expo. There were so many people that looked like they had no business running a half marathon, but I’m pretty sure some of them beat me. I did come in 6,477th after all.

  • I like the side bang! i am one of those people who isn’t quite sure I could cross the finish line…

  • We just cheered some friends on at a half marathon last weekend and saw a girl that couldn’t even walk by mile 12. Super scary.

  • I fell asleep during Lincoln too…in the theater. *facepalm*

  • hahahaha. I dont know why but this post is just hilarious. the being sore from carrying water, the dude almost dying (only funny cause he’s fine!), ya cracked me up! BTW i like the side bang, fo real!

  • I think the side bang looks cute, too! I have heard from a lot of people that Lincoln is terribly boring, and I’m disappointed because I had been looking forward to watching it. What a shame. Frankly, I don’t understand marathoning. A half-marathon seems extreme enough. A full marathon? Crazy. (I’m not a runner either. Can you tell?)

  • I think it’s an awesome accomplishment to do even a half marathon. And something I will never do! I’m not a runner either. My knees would fall apart and I wouldn’t be able to walk if I even tried to train for one. Plus, I don’t like running. He, he. Wow, that guy almost dying right there at the finish line. That is scary. I fell asleep on Lincoln too…at the movies!! My hubby is a history nerd and wanted to see it but I agree; boring!

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself, carrying cases of water is hard work! And the side bang looks cute on you!

  • I sometimes wonder about that running bit myself..that’s the second story I’ve heard about someone’s heart stopping during/at the end of a marathon. Sadly, the guy in the other story really did pass away. It’s terrible! I guess I should follow this up by saying, I hate running and these stories make me less inclined to even start. Sad but true.

  • one day my arm was sore from mashing potatoes the evening before. seriously. so don’t feel bad haha. i’m not a running fan at all, but I totally respect those who can do lots of running. though it does seem like maybe it’s not the best idea to push your body that much (like the guy you saw!) hope he is ok! scary stuff.
    vote – shoe styling contest

  • Love the side bang! Were you at Macaroni grill? We love going there to write on the tables. It gets better and better as you keep drinking wine. haha

  • I had the same laser tag set growing up! Memories!

  • I had a few too many on Saturday!!!! I think your side bangs are super cute…seriously not a fail!!!! I have ran two half marathons and it was super hard but totally worth it. If I can do it, you can definitely do it. I trained for a long time for my first race and I am so happy I did.

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  • I think the side bang looks good!

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