The Son of Two Iranian Immigrants


This is Naveed. He is the love of my life and the proud son of two Iranian immigrants.

His parents both got off planes at JFK and later met and married in New York. Their story is not mine to tell but by any definition, they achieved the American dream in less than a generation. They are some of the people I respect and love most in this world.

Under Trump’s Executive Order, they would not have been allowed to come here from Iran. We have family currently affected by this unconstitutional and disgraceful decision.

What feels most wrong is this – It feels like Trump is saying that Naveed’s family, my family, are unworthy or suspicious. That we should be hesitant to trust them. That they’re the wrong kind of immigrants. People I know to be every bit as American as I am and who make this country better for being here.

When I look at my husband I see a strong, open-minded, brilliant, compassionate, kind, and thoughtful human being who I am proud every day to be married to. I see the very best of America. He is a reflection of his parents and their values.

With the Executive Order as it stands, we are not only turning our backs on immigrants and refugees currently in need, we are giving up future generations of Americans. We are giving up the future Naveeds. And this country is so much better for having him and other children of immigrants.

He is an American because his parents were issued visas and given the opportunity to come here. That is the America that I know and love. The Muslim ban is a betrayal of our values. I will not stand by and say nothing. So as we continue in to the most volatile and divided political climate in modern American history, please do not forget that those affected by this policy are human beings.

Happy 1st Anniversary, Nav. You are the pie and marrying you was the best decision I’ve ever made.

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