The Luckiest Day of My Life

April 29, 1990 was, without a doubt, the luckiest day of my entire life.

Last Tuesday comes close, as I managed to fully submerge my iPhone in the dogs water bowl and by some act of Apple magic, it still works perfectly. I was lucky then. But I was luckier April 29th.

It was the day I became a big sister.

Nay and Curt

How great are siblings? They’re the only people on earth who can really get your story. From the very beginning. They know all your ups and downs, they remember your awkward phase, and they probably got an earful every time your parents really pissed you off. I can’t imagine what childhood would be like without siblings. Or adulthood, for that matter.

We came from the same people and became two very different people. I’m thankful every day that he is my brother.

Happy Birthday, Curtis. I’m so freaking glad that Mom and Dad gave me a built-in best friend.

p.s. I’ll email you this post since I know you don’t read my blog. And I’ll try not to be offended by that.

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