The Last Five and the Next

Five years ago (almost exactly) I sat on the big, L-shaped couch in my sorority house next to all of the seniors (seniors get the couch, duh). At our very last meeting, each senior got to say a few words and then share with everyone what their post-college plans were.

I remember feeling fairly confident in my answer. I have no idea why, because I had about $370 and no actual plan.

I said something like this:

I was moving across the country. I was putting everything in the trunk of my Honda Accord and driving from California to Maine. After a summer spent as a camp counselor in mid-coast Maine, I would move to Boston to start grad school. I’d get my Masters in Education and become a 4th grade teacher. I’d live in Boston.

I wanted it to be true. At the time, it’s exactly what I wanted.

The next five years looked nothing like that. I did become a camp counselor and spent one last summer as a kid, horsing around, doing art projects, and teaching some kids how to canoe.

But somehow months later I wound up in a cubicle and later, in a city I thought I hated (Philadelphia) that I now love.

I sometimes wonder if I’m going to be as off on my predictions for the next five years as I was for the last. Will we stay in Philly, buy a house, and keep living life here? That’s what I want to happen. That’s what I’m fairly sure may happen. But since I was so wrong about the last five years, I’d feel silly pretending that I had any solid plan for the next five. I wonder how much control we really have. I like to think I’m a “make your own destiny” kind of person but I’ve also had life shuffle my cards and re-deal my hand too many times to feel like that’s true.

I think about what I said on that couch fairly often. What if it had happened? And then I can’t shake how much I love my life here and I’m so ridiculously glad I was wrong.

I guess you can file this under “it’s funny how life works out”. Nadine at 22 had no freaking clue what she was doing. Most days, Nadine at 27 still doesn’t.

I’d love to hear what you thought you were going to do after college and what you actually wound up doing. Maybe it will let the new grads amongst us take a deep breath and remember that they can still change their minds 47 more times about what they want to do with their lives.

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