The Hardest Wedding Decisions So Far

Well, we’re officially kind of stalled on wedding planning. Picking the venue was pretty fun. Trying on wedding dresses, well I freaking loved that. But the rest of the stuff? Eh, I’m having trouble finding the motivation. We haven’t picked a DJ, a decision I really shouldn’t be involved in because I admittedly have terrible taste in music. The bridesmaids dresses? You’ll hear more on that below but let’s just say, I’m undecided. And the centerpieces? I can’t bring myself to really care that much.

Carnations for Wedding

I have decided that I love carnations. I don’t know why people hate on carnations so much. They’re cheap and look at how perfect and pink these are! All the carnations for me.

I just want good food and good company. And to be married to N, of course. I actually asked N recently if we could just move up the wedding and do something casual. January feels far away. He reminded me that we can’t get our deposits back. Basically, I’m impatient and not that good at taking care of all the small details.

So here’s what we’re having a hard time with. They’re so hard that we basically haven’t decided them yet. Like I said, we’ve stalled a bit.

1. Finding non-cheesy wedding readings

If you are going the non-traditional route for the ceremony (like we are), you can opt to not do readings at all. Since we can’t find anything non-cheesy, this may be the route we take. But for now, we’re still on the hunt for readings from non-religious text that we find meaningful and that won’t make our guests vomit.

If you have any recommendations, I would love some guidance. Everything sounds nauseatingly cheesy.

2. Picking out the perfect music

We want music that means a lot to us. We want it to be semi-unrecognizable and to secretly share our nerdy side with each other. Let’s just say I spend a lot of time playing the soundtrack from Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and various beloved movies while N slowly convinces me that the Zelda theme song is super subtle (NOT). We want our music to be our own inside joke.

Sometimes we just sit on the couch and play songs back and forth for each other. This part is fun, but not a single decision has been made.

3. Choosing wedding colors

I’m struggling with this. Really struggling. What happens when pink is your favorite, your absolute favorite? “Pink is my signature color.” He’s not into it but I can’t come up with any alternative I like better. Navy and Grey? Meh. I think I’ll just slowly convince him that we should go with “my two shades of blush and bashful.” As a result, I haven’t even begun to choose bridesmaids dresses.

I’m the worst.

Ladies who have planned a wedding, did you ever just hit a point where you realized planning wasn’t super fun for you? 

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