Someone talk me out of getting bangs

Lately I can’t get the idea of getting bangs out of my mind. It seems that recently every celebrity who is “updating their look” is adding bangs. And I want them! Yesterday I went to ULTA and tried on some Jessica Simpson clip in bangs (the color matched my hair perfectly). But no, I will not spend $26 on clip in bangs.
They looked like this:
I’d really like them to turn out like these:
But I know I will wind up looking like this:
7th grade school picture. Hello, awkward stage.

Or worst of all, this:

Heavy bangs or mullet? You decide. 
Mom, you really let this happen?

And I’ve made my share of hair mistakes. Just this past September I went brunette:
 Not. Good. At. All.
This proves that I cannot trust my own judgement on the hair front.
Someone talk me out of it!


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