Some Confessions

At least two days a week, I definitely wear too much blush. Can I blame the bad lighting in our bedroom? Yeah, let’s go with that.

I’ve had so many ideas lately but completely lack the organizational skills to be able to fulfill them all at once.

I’ve been on a huge Oasis kick since Misty posted a list of 7 albums turning 20.

I went to my very first blogger meet up this week and left completely inspired and so grateful that I now have people to talk to (IRL) about blogging. Then later I got embarrassed and worried that I talked too much or sounded like a jerk or idiot or generally came off bad (a lot of these feelings). This might be why I have never met other bloggers in real life (except Lisette). I get after-the-fact embarrassment.

This week N beat some Zelda video game while I sat next to him and read Lena Dunham’s book Not That Kind of Girl. Yes, this is our idea of a good time.


This also happened. I can’t decide if I’m a sore loser or if I’m secretly happy that I’m marrying a guy who is clever enough to consistently beat me in board games. I’m a huge reader (and he isn’t) and sort of a writer (am I a writer?) so when he beats me in scrabble, it’s especially brutal.

I don’t know whether “Shout” is completely cheesy to play at our wedding or not but I love it and I don’t care. Chicken dance NO. Shout YES.

I’m fairly impulsive, something I’ve learned about myself as I’ve gotten older. N is good-natured and kind of a pushover (I love him for it). This week I discovered that cruises are ridiculously cheap as you get closer to the cruise date. Less than 24 hours after discovering this, we’d booked a week-long cruise for this May.

Yesterday I bought a pair of sunglasses exactly like a pair my Step-dad has. I thought they were really cool when he wore them and since then, I try on a pair like them whenever I see them. Yesterday, I finally bought a pair. Now I’ll think of him every time I wear them.

Sriracha Hot Stout Beer

I can’t decide if this would be good or gross but I must say, I’m intrigued.

I haven’t really had the urge to buy a house until recently. I hopped on Zillow just out of curiosity, to see how much a house on my favorite street in Philly would cost us (you know, in like 10 years). And suddenly I was sucked in and looking at apartments or homes for purchase (now) and trying to figure out how to convince N that this is a good idea. SOMEONE STOP ME.

When I finished Amy Poehler’s book Yes Please, I immediately wanted to give Parks and Rec a shot. Then we watched all six seasons in like two weeks. Now I’ve got classic post-binge watching depression going on. What I wouldn’t give to experience it all over from the beginning like it was the first time again.

It’s Friday. Smile. XO.

  • JC

    Be careful that house buying thing is a slippery slope. I just went on to look in December…. we are putting in an offer this weekend. I also kind of want to move to Philly because I keep hearing about these meet ups and they sound awesome. Why isn’t there more bloggers in Albany?

    • Dear JC, you need to get your butt to Philadelphia, love Chrystina.

  • Parks and Rec YES. And should I book a cruise?! PROBABLY.

  • Great little post 🙂 x

  • Jeremy always beats me at board games. He is the ruler of Scrabble. I hate that he can beat me all the time, but it’s so much fun to play with him. And we totally had Shout at our wedding. That was the only cheesy song that was played, and it was awesome. So many people got up and danced to it.

  • Mac and I play Mario Kart together. I have beat him exactly once. And I’m curious if the beer is sriracha flavored or just in the bottle

  • to me, if shout isn’t played at a wedding then it’s not really a wedding. I’m 100% serious. I always put on too much bronzer/blush. I have to constantly take it off. life is hard.

  • I’ve been listening to Oasis too! Such memories from all those songs.

  • Moe

    Two weekends ago, my boyfriend and I spent 75% of our weekend sitting (or lying) next to each other in bed playing games on game consoles (ds for me and 3ds for him)! I had a really great time and he had fun catching pokemons.

  • Ok I don’t drink beer in any form just saying……………..
    Interesting confessions

  • I love the tone of this whole post. Give yourself an after-the-fact break – there’s no way it is even close to what you’re creating in your head. Maybe spontaneously buying a new lamp will cheer you up. AND help with that bedroom lighting/blush thing!

  • I shouldn’t have read this blog post! I’m also a notorious indulgence spender and I didn’t know cruises got cheaper as the date approached. So now I’m sitting here and researching cruises in the next few weeks. Oops?

    P.S. – Aren’t IRL blog friends great? I just went to my first meet-up and it was incredibly inspiring and helpful to network.

  • Erin

    There was absolutely NO Chicken Dance or even the Hokey Pokey(is that 1st word even spelled write? no red line so must be good I guess? lol) at my wedding. I’m just honestly not a fan of the hokey group dances-except like the (can’t believe I’m gonna admit this) Cha Cha slide, although I think that has to do with my entire senior class meeting in the auxiliary gym to learn it for prom. Not really sure why though, lol?
    My ex basically tricked me, I’ve since figured this all out, to basically buy a house when we moved from CA to NC instead of buying lots of empty acreage some where. House makes sense, empty land when you’re technically a 4 yr transient military couple not so much. Don’t think that tactic will work for your case just thought I’d share. Good luck in your convincing endeavors though…

  • i still need to read amy poehler’s book and watch the last season of parks and rec. she is the best ever. and is that sriracha beer? hmmm….

  • Two comments – You didn’t talk too much at all, I promise you, and it was great to have you at the meet-up! And number two – I can talk you down on that house buying thing for now if you want. If I had known then what I know now I don’t know that I would have made the same decisions I made originally.

  • I get really pissed off when Shout isn’t played at a wedding, so yes, you should absolutely tell your DJ or whatever to play it. And I just finished Yes Please and am feeling a Parks & Rec binge coming on…

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