Should I get bangs? Too late, already did…

I sat in the chair.
Second guessed my decision for a hot second.
And then told her to chop ’em.

And the final product

So far, I like them.
I also think I look really Russian or something.
Foreign somehow.
Like my name should be Natasha and I should have an accent.
Naveed told me I looked “exotic” and my heart lept out of my chest.

Exotic? Little ‘ol me?
Usually I get All-American or Girl Next Door.
I once dyed my hair brown to try to look more “exotic” and just looked blah!
But bangs did the trick?
Don’t care. I’ll take it.


  • I can totally see the exotic look and the foreign look! Nice!! Good choice– they look super cute and refreshing. Perfect for spring. 🙂

  • Cute! I like them.

  • So cute! I love it!

  • I think that they look great on you!
    xo, Maria

  • They look great! I wish I had the courage to do this!

  • You do look russian! lol I think they look fantastic!

  • I like em! I did bangs once and they were SO cute but I hated having to straighten them every single morning.

  • Wow, you look amazing! Good decision there! And what’s wrong with looking a bit Eastern European? I live in the area and most girls here are really pretty, and so are you 🙂

  • I like it! And yes you definitely look very Eastern European!!

  • LOL my post two days ago was, how to grow out your bangs. I had fun with them for a month and then moved forward with growing them out for my Sept. wedding. It’s not so fun when you don’t want them anymore! But honestly, they look gorg on you!! xo

  • I love the bangs on you! It really does remind me of someone foreign and named Natasha haha!

  • You look like you were born to rock those bangs, gorgeous!

  • Love them!!!

  • LOVE ’em!! Welcome to the fringe club lol

  • I love them!!!!!!! Bangs are a good look for you!

  • Your hair looks great! I can’t believe bangs are back in style after how long it took me to grow mine out (many years ago).

  • SOOO cute! I LOVE them! 🙂

  • love love love them! you look fabulous!

  • I LOVE your bangs! I wanted to try bangs the last time I got my hair done but I chickened out. You look fabulous with them! And ever since the first picture of you I saw, I thought you looked Russian like. Which is a good thing!

  • Your bangs look great! I have been contemplating cutting some for months…..I am so tortured over it – ugh ;/
    Seeing yours are inspiring. You looked great without them, but I love your look with just as much 🙂

  • absolutely love it!

  • I like them and I’m not lying. I also like the lady on the other side of the room who is wondering why you are taking pictures of yourself!

  • Brave girl! I wish I had the guts to do that- they look fantastic on you!

  • How did I miss this post before?! I LOVE your bangs!! They look adorable on you you brave little thing.

  • i love your bangs, archie, your lipstick anddd that scarf. oh and is that a wand framed on your wall? pure awesomeness.

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