Product Review: Cargo Tinted Moisturizer

A few weeks ago I did a post about my makeup routine(summary: I like to keep it simple). I recently ran out of my Tarte powder so last weekend I  stopped by ULTA to pick up a new compact.
This is the Tarte powder I usually use:
Tarte Provocateur Pressed Mineral Powder – $30
Lately, my skin has been super dry. I moisturize twice a day and still, my nose is flaky/peely. Powder only seems to emphasize this so I had been pondering buying a tinted moisturizer instead. I’d still 100% recommend this product if you have normal to oily skin. Sorry powder. It’s not you, it’s me. Let’s take a break.
The staff at ULTA is always helpful, if not pushy. But I decided to take advantage of their expertise and see what they’d recommend for a super sensitive skin type like mine. The sales woman immediately suggested Cargo Tinted Moisturizer, then forced me into a chair to do my makeup for me. Needless to say, she did it 100 times better than I’ll ever be able to do it myself, even with the same product.
Here’s what the product looks like:
Cargo Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 – $37
After she applied it to my face (using a brush, how did she do that??), my skin looked even and had quite a glow. Clearly she sold me on it. At $37, the price is a bit steep but I only use a very small amount and am willing to pay more for a product that isn’t going to aggravate my rosacea.

I’m sure that during the summer I’ll need to bring back the powder but for now, my dry skin is loving this Cargo Tinted Moisturizer (I’m Ivory). It lasts all day, looks natural, and is easy to apply. Bonus: It also has SPF 20. It’s also basically everything-free (No parabens, oils, chemicals, etc.). I apply mine almost like lotion, just with my fingers, rubbing it in pretty haphazardly. 

Love it!

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