Politics. And other stuff I wish I understood.

Last night, two college graduates laid in bed and googled 
what or who the electoral college is.
Those two people were us.
(cue major blushing/feeling like total idiots)

We have watched every debate so far and I would say that I am moderately well informed.
I’m by no means an expert and that’s why you won’t see me 
flashing my opinion in your face.
I don’t know much about how the national debt effects us as a whole.
And I absolutely don’t know who has the best plan to 
get us back to a balanced budget.
In complete honesty,
I vote almost entirely based on social issues.
Whether that is right or wrong, that’s what I do.

But what I did realize last night is 
that there are SO many things that you learn and completely forget.
I feel like general education classes in college are 
supposed to prepare you with general knowledge.
I just remember so little of it.
It started me thinking about all the things I’ve forgotten (or never learned) and all the skills that you absolutely should know by the time you head out into the real world.

Here’s my list so far:

1. What the electoral college is and what it means for your vote
2. How to do your own laundry
3. What all of the Wars the US was involved in were called, who we were fighting, and why
4. How to balance your own personal budget
5. What a mortgage is, how interest rates work, and how it will effect you
6. How 410Ks and IRAs work and how important it is to start early
7. How to change a tire, check your oil, and jump start your car
8. How to make coffee
9. Nutritional basics – how to eat healthy, even if you choose not to
10. What qualities you value in yourself and others
11. A little bit about your family history
12. What you are truly afraid of and how you manage that fear
And a few less important things:

1. What color is your color
2. General knowledge of at least one 90’s sitcom
3. Whether you are a cat or dog person
Now help me out, what else have I forgotten?
I know there are other major skills that I haven’t listed.
And I certainly have not nailed everything on the list above.
Using a Keurig counts as making coffee, right?
And calling AAA counts as knowledge of changing a tire, yes?

Just some general ponderings on this gloomy Tuesday.
 To cheer things up a bit, I leave you with this:

Happy Tuesday!

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