The Woman I Want to Be

  I’m not big on new years resolutions. I’m just not convinced that the beginning of January is the best time to start fresh on anything. January is a good month for binge watching TV shows, cuddling with your dog, and enjoying cozy nights in watching movies and ordering takeout. It’s the time that I struggle most to maintain my…

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Allow Me To Sound Ungrateful For A Moment

I hate receiving gifts. I realize this pretty much puts me in the weirdo category (but you already knew I was there, didn’t you?) and makes me sound pretty ungrateful but since Christmas is coming, I might as well share. It’s not that I don’t like the gifts themselves. I (almost always) do. It’s just that the act of someone handing…

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When Bloggers Disappear

I always wondered why bloggers wiped their blogs and started over. They’d disappear from a space I’d loved so much and reappear months, sometimes years, later in a whole new space. With a whole new blog. I’d always wonder – why? Didn’t they know that I was still here, waiting for them to come back to the space I’d come…

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The Ceremony and Reception

Remember how I said I’d be back “soon” with more wedding photos? Twenty-Something days counts as soon right? Man I’m out of practice at this blogging thing. So like I said before, our ceremony was simple and meaningful and our reception was a raging party. It was exactly what we wanted. Funny story – we actually lost the final version…

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We Got Married

On January 30, 2016, we got married. We said our vows in front of 90 loved ones at Power Plant Productions in Philadelphia. We did our own flowers. Our friend officiated. We skipped most of the traditional stuff and served all of the food cocktail/tapas style (deliciously made by Power Events). It was one hell of a party. And now I’m legally…

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