Why We Want the Things We Want

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about why it is we want the things we want. In the material sense and also in the life sense. Wanting what everyone else wants is the basis for trends and perhaps is used (albeit inappropriately) in our society to gauge social status. Why is it that so many of us are prone to…

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Everything You Need to Be the Bloggiest Blogger on Instagram

Oh instagram. I love you. And more than that, I love all the instagram shenanigans everyone else does. I want to not like it but I do. And you know you do too. A white rug. What are you even doing if your whole house isn’t white with a side of white? I like to refer to any white fluffy…

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5 WordPress Themes to Refresh Your Blog for the New Year

The most consuming, distracting, and generally frustrating thing about blogging for me has always been the look of my blog. I can easily get distracted browsing themes on Creative Market or Etsy and an hour later, I haven’t written a single word for an actual blog post (you know, the thing you’d actually need the freaking theme for) but I’ve…

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The Woman I Want to Be

  I’m not big on new years resolutions. I’m just not convinced that the beginning of January is the best time to start fresh on anything. January is a good month for binge watching TV shows, cuddling with your dog, and enjoying cozy nights in watching movies and ordering takeout. It’s the time that I struggle most to maintain my…

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Allow Me To Sound Ungrateful For A Moment

I hate receiving gifts. I realize this pretty much puts me in the weirdo category (but you already knew I was there, didn’t you?) and makes me sound pretty ungrateful but since Christmas is coming, I might as well share. It’s not that I don’t like the gifts themselves. I (almost always) do. It’s just that the act of someone handing…

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