Why We Aren’t Leaving Our One-Bedroom When We Have a Baby

You might recall that a few months ago we almost bought a house, but then we didn’t. What I didn’t say in that post was that I was 5 weeks pregnant when we had the home inspection and the thought of moving, having a mortgage, and having a baby all in the same 6 month period felt like too much…

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It’s Not Just Because I’m Pregnant

I’ve been very lucky in that I mostly have felt exactly like myself throughout this pregnancy. I have had no bouts of crying, very little anger (I mean, I’ll scream and yell obscenities at a car that almost hits me in a cross walk but I’m not a rage monster over here), and overall no wildly out of character behavior….

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25 Week Bumpdate

I realize you either love bumpdates or you hate them. I have to admit, I always read them if someone posts one. I swear 90% of what I know about pregnancy came from random bloggers bumpdates. So it’s a bit shocking that this is kind of my first one and I’m more than half way done! I also realized recently…

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When A Fitness Class Goes Wrong

Today I’m going to share a little story about the worst workout class I’ve ever taken. This happened just a few weeks ago and while I’m fairly sure that this is not indicative of all classes in this studio franchise, it doesn’t look great on them either. So I had ClassPass and decided to give Flywheel a try. Flywheel (as…

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My Biggest Mama-to-be Fears

Pregnancy, specifically a first time pregnancy, comes with a lot of unknowns. We start on this journey to become parents and there are so many questions floating around in our heads. The silly ones like “Boy or girl?” or “Will he get my blue eyes?” but also the deeper ones. The genuine fears about parenthood. The “Will I be a…

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