Thursday: In or Out

Last week my RL (that’s real life) bestie did a post on her blog, Stay Blonde, Ski Local called Thursday: In or Out. I thought it was a pretty great idea so I’m giving it a try: IN – Cherry Blossoms! They are blooming all around. Right outside of my office window, it’s pink galore. One day soon it will…

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Someone talk me out of getting bangs

Lately I can’t get the idea of getting bangs out of my mind. It seems that recently every celebrity who is “updating their look” is adding bangs. And I want them! Yesterday I went to ULTA and tried on some Jessica Simpson clip in bangs (the color matched my hair perfectly). But no, I will not spend $26 on clip…

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Books as Friends: A theory

I relate certain periods of my life to a book I was reading at the time (some people have this with songs). In emotionally difficult times, books provide the perfect way to take me away to a world that is not my own. And sometimes, that’s just what is needed. As a result, I tend to feel an emotional attachment…

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Friday’s Letters

Dear corporate world, I sure wish we weren’t “international” so I could have had Good Friday off. We need a holiday between Christmas and Memorial day!Dear random flower in my yard, Thanks for showing up. You’re really beautiful and you make me smile. I hope you distract the neighbors from the fact that we don’t do any gardening and the…

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Netflix Addiction

Let’s just put this out there: I don’t know how I survived before I got Netflix. If you are a TV and movie lover, it is one of the best bargains you can find. My subscription would probably still be worth the cost even if it was $7.99 a week instead of $7.99 a month. Does that mean I watch…

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