An Outfit Pic

Let me be completely honest. 
I (when I say I, I mean my sweet boyfriend) have taken hundreds of pictures of various outfits and have deemed all of them unfit for the blogosphere.

How other bloggers take decent looking outfit pics on a regular basis is beyond me. All of mine look awkward, have bad lighting, or I decide that I liked the outfit in person but not in photos.

Someone help me out with this, if you have any tips. So anyways, after taking pictures of tons of outfits and never posting them, here’s my first outfit post.

Sunglasses: Target, $1 (dolla bin yo!)
Necklace: Ebay “J.Crew”, $14
Shirt: Old Navy, $8
Shorts: Old Navy, $15
Shoes: Target, $12
Bag: Target, too long ago to remember

Where: A lovely community event with lots of live music, vendors etc. Then out to eat crabs!
When: Last Saturday
Why: I’m just a t-shirt girl. That’s why I’m always trying to buy them in crazy colors, or jazz up plain t-shirts with statement necklaces. I’m really in to color right now!

Happy Monday!


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