Our Little Golden Boy

I’ve been told that since we got Archie that my blog has become a little dog-centric. 
I decided that I don’t care. He is the cutest and I love him.
And why would I deprive you all from admiring his sweet face?

This handsome guy is 18 weeks old.
He sleeps through the night, is gradually getting less bitey, 
and I can confidently say that he is fully house-trained.

You know the expression, “follows you around like a puppy dog?” I really get it now. This little boy follows me around from room to room. Sometimes it’s annoying but I (not so secretly) love it. 
He rocks at fetch. 
I mean obviously, he’s a retriever
 But still, I’m so proud every time he brings whatever I threw back
and promptly “drops it”.

Anytime there is more than one toy he’ll try to bring back both, but can’t.
It’s hilarious to watch his deep internal conflict as he decides which to bring back to me. 

I feel like he’s becoming the dog we knew he would be.
He’s sweet, super affectionate, and playful.
I don’t remember what my life was like before him.
We love you Archie boy.

  • Awe I love this! This is kind of how I feel about Bos, too. There is just something about Goldens. They are the perfect dog.

  • Adorable! I had a golden growing up and they are the best dogs ever!

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  • No don’t listen to those people who say there is too much dog!! lol Archie is so cute and you can never get enough of cuteness! lol he is a big part of your life now and its your blog!! just you keep blogging about what you want! 😀

    Jen xxx

  • I am the same way with my dog and I have had him 4 years. I love the way people love their dogs and don’t mind pictures to go along with it

  • Keep blogging about him! I love the sweet puppy face!!!

  • i’m jealous of his “drop it” skills…our stubborn hound puppy hasn’t quite mastered that yet – though i’m also proud of his retriever skills! archie is such a cutie…i’m obsessed with my pup too!

  • I love the pictures of him with his toys in his mouth!

  • What a sweet puppy!!! I’m gonna need to see lots more of him!

  • oh so cute! my dog still follows me around and he’s 11. it’s one of my favorite things.

  • The cuteness is out of control. If I ever got a dog it would be a golden retriever. They are so lovable.

  • Omg puppy swoon! McCoy was born 9/27/11 and I didn’t meet Dave until 12/30/11 so I missed the pictures from that itty bitty puppy time. When I first met Dave I couldn’t be like hi it’s our first date so let me ignore you and be obsessed with your dog. That came about one month in, an by then McCoy was 4 months old 🙂

  • I love Retrievers! He’s so cute 🙂

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