Only On Paper

Today I filled out our official 6 page application for our new puppy.
You read that right, SIX pages.

The application listed more information about me than my credit history and included my embarrassing knowledge of gourmet dog food and the fact that my dog’s Godparents will be my younger brother and sister (at their request). 

Cause dogs need Godparents, apparently.
And the breeder really needed to know that.
I’ve thought this through, people.

Right before I sent it to the breeder, I read it over.
And I almost didn’t recognize us on paper.
Me: Program Director for a non-profit.
Him: Business Tax Analyst.
We have two college degrees.
And a fenced in yard.
Ho. Ly. Crap.
Who are those people?
Oh wait, it’s us.

Throughout the whole application I felt the need to add things that made me sound more like a grown up. I’d become convinced that the breeder would only see us as irresponsible kids. I felt like a 16 year-old defending myself. 

“But Mom, I swear I can handle watching this scary movie with my friends 
and I won’t be scared later.” 
(Lies. I’ll be terrified.)

As life goes on, I continue to feel like there are basic things I just don’t know how to do.
Things I should by now if I were to become an “official” grown up.

Like how to do eyeshadow.
Or go down to the basement alone.
Reach things without a step-stool.
(Oh wait, that will never change.)
Or do my hair without having to watch a “how to” video by a 15 year-old on Youtube.
Or start to actually like wine. 
I think its yucky. 
And the fact that I said yucky proves my point.
I’m not totally totally not a grown up yet.

Cheers to that.

You’re welcome for sharing this gem.
Happy Tuesday!

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