5 Things That Cross Your Mind on the Way to a Blate

This week, I went on my very first blate (that’s blogging date, for those of you who are new around here). I recently celebrated two years of blogging and I had never met a blogger friend in real life. So as I drove to meet the lovely Lisette, I got weirdly nervous.

Nadine and Lisette

Obviously I had no reason to be. But here are some things I definitely freaked out about.

1. I could totally be catfished.

Oh I’ve seen the show. People pull of pretending to be people they aren’t for years. Why couldn’t it happen in blog world? It totally could. And you don’t really realize this until you’re driving to meet your blog friend in real life for the first time.

2. This is weirdly a lot like online dating. But for friends.

I’m a little nervous. A little excited. Is she as awesome in real life as she is on her blog? On gchat? And via text? I never had the opportunity to online date (though it kind of does seem fun) so this is the closest I’m going to get.

3. What if we love each others blogs but hate each other in person?

At some point it crosses your mind that you might just not get along. How awkward would that be? I just kept wondering if my online persona and my actual self are too different. That she’d feel like I was lying in how I portrayed myself online. Even after I wrote that post, it’s still something I feel weird about.

Jennifer Lawrence gif

4. I should have dressed trendier. 

Isn’t that what people do when they meet other bloggers? Well I’m no fashion blogger. I like to feel good in what I’m wearing so I wore jeans (that I always wear), boots (that I always wear), and this shirt from Target. It wasn’t anything special or super trendy but it was very me.

5. What if we run out of things to talk about?

This wound up being one of the most ridiculous worries. Three hours later, we still hadn’t left the restaurant. How had three hours gone by so fast? That’s probably because as fun as it is to talk blogging on a blog, it’s way more fun to talk blogging with a real person in real life.

Basically I was just like…

emma stone giggle gif

Lisette, thanks for being so wonderful in person and making my first blate not scary and totally fun.

  • I went to a blogger meet up a couple weeks ago and had the same thoughts! I was so much more worried getting dressed for that then for a first date!

  • I can’t wait to meet a blogger in person that I have become friends with because I have all these same fears. But I am determined to meet them.

  • Awww this sounds so wonderful! I have yet to go on my first blate and sometimes I wonder if I ever will. SO glad it went well!

  • That’s great that you guys had such an awesome blate!

  • Glad you have a great blate! I had those same concerns and it ended up being so fun we chatted for hours!

  • Ha! I wondered all those same things as well. But my favorite part? Spending more time talking about non-blog stuff.

    I loved meeting you in person! I have more to say, but hey, I have a blog for that right?

  • What a blast! I thought all of those same things while I was heading to my first blog conference–it’s kind of nerve wracking!

  • Samantha

    So fun!!! I think I’m only a couple of hours away sooooo maybe I’ll make a weekend trip one time!

  • Meeting blog friends in real life can be TERRIFYING! But it’s so fun too. I first met some blog friends through Love Drop a few years ago and I was so nervous, but it was awesome. Then last year I met up with my old college roommate and two blog friends in Orlando- THE BEST. Blog friends and Harry Potter and Disney? Yes! There were a few awkward times, but overall I’m so glad that we did it. I love those girls and it was fantastic.

  • Yep! Definitely feel the same way! Glad it was awesome!

  • I love this! It totally is like virtual friend dating hahaha

  • I am so glad you guys had fun!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • This is hilarious because i have been thinking about it for a while that I would like to meet some of my blog friends but then I’m nervous we would run out of things to say lol

  • This post is awesome! I have yet to go on one. I have never thought about it until now. I would be just as nervous.

  • Kym

    Hahahahaha! This is too funny Nadine! I have a great group of girls here in Denver but I was honestly quite afraid the first time for all of the reasons that you mentioned. The best part though? You already know so much about the other person’s life … in the least creepiest way possible lol

  • I’m jealous! I love you AND Lisette so basically I would have given my right leg to be a part of that chat sesh.

  • I imagine it would be terrifying to me a blog friend, I say imagine because it is not something Ihave ever did

  • Shane

    Haha love this! I totally felt like I’d be catfished on my first blate! At least we feel like we know a blogger’s whole life story ahead of time!

    Shane, Whispering Sweet Nothings
    Marketing Assistant, Lush to Blush

  • I love the picture of you, you’re so cute !

    Please come check out my blog http://lorallure.blogspot.com you won’t be disappointed =D


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  • I want to blate you guys. Is that creepy? 3-way blate? 😉

  • I love blates! Even though I am very definitely less cool in real life than I am on my blog.

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