Oh, You’re Famous? I Don’t Care.

As a big fan of the E! network, Us Magazine, and People.com, I consider myself something of a celeb expert. Fortunately, reading blogs has kept my celebsession in check a bit, since I’m reading about you all instead of them. Swapping one problem out for another is a great solution, right?
But back to the celebs.
Want to know what some D list star named their kid? 
I got you. (Rainbow Aurora?!?)
Who would I chose to be my celeb parents? 
Why Jennifer Garner and Hugh Jackman, of course. 

I love seeing celebrities do normal people stuff. I just love it.
Want to know which celeb just revealed she had a preventative mastectomy? 
Angelina Jolie. She even wrote a piece for the NY Times about it.
And you can bet I was on the edge of my seat waiting for someone to determine whether the future queen of hip-hop (and the closest thing to American royalty) was named Ivy Blue or Blue Ivy. 

Shoulda gone with Ivy Blue, Beyonce. Or just another name all together. 
Sorry I’m not sorry.
But somehow, in all my celebsession, there are a few people who seem to come up a lot and I just have no clue who they are. Are they famous for just being famous, Kardashian style? Although we all know we can learn a lot from the Kardashians.
No, these ladies are a much bigger question mark.
Daisy Lowe

If she’s making it socially acceptable for me to go out in public with my hair like that, I like her. But what does she do? And why is she famous?
Olivia Palermo

Alright, you’d have to be a dummy to not know that she has a blog. But I definitely didn’t know until Bloglovin’ became a “thing” and now she’s always a top blog. 
But other than that, what does she do? Did she become famous for the blog or did she start a blog because she got famous?
Rachel Roy

Every time I read her name somewhere I think, um, it’s Rachael RAY. And then I realize they’re talking about a completely different person. Who and why? 
I don’t care, make me a 30 minute meal!

Lana Del Ray

Rumor has it she sings. And there is some controversy surrounding her but I have no idea what it’s all about. Lana, what are you so famous for? It can’t just be your music cause I heard one song and was like um, what? 
No thank you.
So even though I do follow the celeb gossip a little too closely, these I still haven’t figured out.
But I can assure you, if I ever saw Taza walking the streets of New York, Eleanor and Samson in tow, I would lose my shit (isn’t this the grossest but funniest expression?). I really would. I guess the blog world has taken over my brain!
Now head over to Venus Trapped in Mars where I’m competing for a blate with Venus herself! 

  • Ahh, yes. I used to stalk perezhilton and us weekly and now I’m too busy blogging…but I too have no clue who any of those are…and the overtan one with the orange lipstick needs to tone it down a notch.

  • haha this is great. Also I totally thought Olivia Palermo was famous for being on the hills? Welp it’s fine.

  • Love this, very funny. I don’t get why some people are just famous for being famous. I can tell you though, Daisy Lowe is famous for having famous parents and being a model. She is the daughter of Gavin Rossdale and Pearl Lowe. 🙂 xx

    The Shutterbug Blog

  • oh i loved that they named her blue ivy! jay-z’s series of albums “the blueprint” are classics. and isn’t she presh, thats one cute family.

    as far as those four fools at the end go, i hadn’t heard of em either. how do you get famous with no talent?

  • Man, put me in a magazine for writing a blog, that’s cool! Haha

  • I’m sorry but Lana Del Ray is a GODDDD!! A GOD I TELL YOU!!!! You need to giver her another chance. Please oh please.

  • Hahaha you crack me up! Seriously I cant handle the names that some of these celebrities give their kids…


  • Ah I love Lana! I have a weird obsession with her. I completely don’t understand the f-ed up baby names though. Just because your kid is famous doesn’t give you the right to ruin their childhood by naming them after a fruit!

  • Haha…reading this while I watch E on the tv…lol

  • Olivia Palermo, I think, started as a rude intern on MTV’s The City. I watched it, I loved it. 🙂 I am kind of obsessed with celeb gossip too! One of my big wishes in like is that People Magazine and Us Weekly didn’t cost so dang much for subscriptions! (Because those are the credible ones…duh 🙂

  • OMG, I didnt know Olivia Polermo had a blog! I just thought she was famous from that Hills spin off!

  • I don’t know who any of these bitches are….
    I feel like that episode of Family Guy where Brian names a bunch of political people and Peter just stares blankly. Cause I don’t care, yo

  • those people don’t do much for me, but you’re right ..seeing taza, with eleanor & samson, now that would be a celeb encounter to me!

  • Lana Del Ray is famous for totally blowing it on SNL. Seriously YouTube that shit. GOLD.

  • No way girl. I don’t know how to explain to you that the one site that has remained bookmarked on every computer I’ve used since freshman year of college is People.com & Perezhilton.com. And now TMZ has been added to that list. My knowledge of celeb gossip is embarrassing but I like to think I’m on the classy side. I don’t like, pretend like I know them. I just am unbelievably fascinated by their normal lives. And have a photographic memory of every article I’ve read. So yeah, I am so right with you. And once again, we become even more twinsies 🙂

  • Ha- right there with you on those folks. I consider myself pretty in the know when it comes to celebrity stalking, too. These just aren’t celebrities.

  • I don’t know who those last few people are except for Lana. I LOVE her.

  • I was totally into celeb gossip until I stopped getting cable. Now I don’t know who anyone is and honestly, don’t really care!! Also, when you don’t have a 1.5 hour commute in the mornings, you don’t have time to read celeb tweets! lol

  • Haha I am right there with you! And since she and her family used to live in DC in the same neighborhood as me I kept my eye out. I don’t know what I would have done if I would have spotted taza. lol Glad to know I’m not alone.

  • I have to agree with you on Lana, I just-don’t-get-it. And Oliva, does she write her own blog? Or is it her team of associates? I am totally with you on Taza. Her blog was the very first blog I ever started reading. I cannot get over how absofreakinlutely cute her family is.


  • I used to be obsessed with Olivia, mainly for her style, she was on the Hills? Or maybe it was The City? I’m not 100% sure, but it was one of the shows with Whitney Port, and I think that’s how she kind of got big. She has been in PR/Media/Fashion for a while, and I want to say she’s a socialite of some sort….lots of speculation goin on here

  • i adore olivia’s style. she was on the city and then was famous for being a bitch, being pretty & having great style. also, i freaking love the “lose my shit” expression.

  • I love when celebs act like real people, because they are!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • 1. I love your side bangs in your picture the other day. Obsessed. It looked so good.
    2. I HAAAATE Angelina Jolie with a passion and am convinced any and everything she does is for no other purpose than fame. (I’m so hateful.)
    3. I did not know Olivia Palermo had a blog… have no idea who Rachel Roy or the other girl is… and Ben LOVES Lana del Rey. She got super famous for being on SNL and they called her the worst performer to ever be on SNL. (I saw it, it WAS pretty bad…)

  • Clearly you didn’t watch the hit ‘The City’ Sequel to the sequel of Laguna Beach. Olivia Palermo was the “VIllain.”
    And somehow I didn’t know she had a blog… whoops.
    And I read US every sunday in the bath (or the couch if you include my college years)… I haven’t missed a sunday since 10th grade. I LIVE for celeb rags.

  • This post is awesome. I used to be soooo celebrity obsessed, but since blogging and becoming a mommy, I’m so out of touch with half of the celebs out there! By the way, my best friend teaches at the school that Hugh Jackman’s kids go to. 😉

    The Grass Skirt

  • Yeaaaaahhh..all those chicks…I have no idea.

  • K wellll I have no idea who some of those are….but Rachel Roy is a fashion designer. And Lana Del Ray’s controversy was on SNl because she was horrible and honestly looked a bit…mad. Like crazy. not angry.

  • SO I totally thought Olivia Palermo was an actress..and I actually saw her referred to in a fashion post yesterday and again wondered why I couldn’t remember her from anything. why can’t we be famous for no reason too? whyyyy I ask you, why!

  • Rainbow…I was like, really Holly? And Rainbow is really a Disney Princess? Since when.

    And I sadly know how Oliva Palermo is.

  • I’m so out of the loop. I’ve never heard of any of those people. And I agree… Blue Ivy or Ivy Blue is bad no matter how you do it.

  • Olivia Palermo does one thing in my mind..and that’s pick out clothes I might like on Piperlime.

  • I couldn’t agree with you more! I have never seen any of these people you posted about…lol I do kind of like the name Ivy Blue – but I wouldn’t go with Blue Ivy.
    (Jessica Who sent me)

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