Oh! So this is my natural hair color…

I often find myself sitting in the chair in the salon, word vomiting. It’s not that I’m impulsive (okay, maybe I am), it’s that I love change. In the last two years I’ve gone dark brunette, light reddish brown, dark blonde, and nearly platinum blonde. I’ve gotten bangs, side bangs, layers, and no layers. But this week, I went back to my roots.

Dirty Blonde Hair

You can always tell what my next hair change is from Pinterest. I’ve been pinning natural looking dirty blonde hair to my Blonde board like crazy for the past few weeks.

My stylist matched my haircolor to my dirty blonde roots and then melted it through my hair but did less on the ends. Then she added light blonde face framing highlights. It’s a little ombre but very natural looking.

Side note: Anyone else notice how your stylist tells you to do x-y-and-z and you absolutely do it (yes, m’am, coconut oil masks weekly!) but if the doctor tells you something (like mine did last week “reduce your sugar intake”) you take it as a suggestion? Oh, doctors tell everyone that. My hairstylist is talking about my hair.

dark blonde hairDirty Blonde Hair

I’m pretty sure this is the darkest I could go without having to change my blog name. In retrospect, I don’t love my blog name but am now far too lazy and invested to change it. Happy almost Friday, friends!


Today I am so excited to introduce you to Misty from Handbags and Handguns. Her blogs was one of the very first blogs I ever found and is one of the reasons I started this blog!


Need a great playlist to get you through this Thursday? Misty’s “20 songs that define me” playlist has all of the throwback jamz (and a couple new ones!) you need to get you through to Friday. Misty is the wife of a firefighter, mama to two cute kiddos, loves YA novels, and celebrity gossip. She also does great recaps of what the celebs wore for different awards shows and hollywood events. I always love her hilarious commentary on all the gowns. In honor of Halloween, here’s the best of celeb Halloween costumes. Want to know more about Misty? You should read more about what she believes. Then head on over to Handbags & Handguns or follow her on Bloglovin.

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