Nothing is Hotter than a Boy Who Reads Potter

Nothing Is Hotter Than A Boy Who Reads Potter
That is exactly what I said to N last night, as he was attempting to convince me that he was too tired to read a couple of pages of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It may stand as the cheesiest but most clever saying I’ve ever come up with. If you’ve heard it before, please just let me think this was an original idea.

N and I have been having the same argument for two years. You see, when we met, N had not read Harry Potter or seen any of the movies. I knowRiddikulus. Fellow HP lovers, please marvel at how excellent that joke was. So after 6 months of dating, I made him watch every movie with me (not all in a row, but that would have been awesome – new life goal). In return, I had to suffer through all of the Diehard movies, Face Off (oh God, kill me), and a few other film atrocities. That is not what I call a fair trade.


You would think I was forcing him to do something terrible. The reality is, I’m giving him the worlds greatest gift. I don’t remember who introduced me to Harry Potter, but I owe them big time. N doesn’t quite see it that way.

Since he watched the movies, I’ve been asking him nicely nagging at him to read the books. They’re better than the movies! They have more detail! They are the best books I’ve ever read! I like to serve up the nagging with a heaping side of guilt — Don’t you want to read my favorite books? It would mean so much to me.

In the nearly two years that I’ve had a blog, I think I’ve downplayed my Harry Potter obsession. If you follow me on Pinterest, you might have gotten the hint. I’ve re-read all the books twice. On days I work from home, I nearly always have one of the movies on in the background. And I even have a replica Harry Potter wand, framed, front and center in my living room (proof). Some might call it a problem or even an obsession but since it’s one so many of us share, I’m going to go ahead and say it’s normal. Anyone who has appreciated the books holds a minor obsession in their hearts.

So help a girl out, what is the best reason that someone should read Harry Potter? If you had to convince someone to read it, how would you?


Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to Jackie from Jade and Oak. Jackie is a lawyer living in Pittsburgh with her fiance and two precious pugs, Bowie and Rosie.

Errol? Is that you?

I think today’s post is quite appropriate, as Jackie is a big fan of Harry Potter herself. Jackie is a fellow vegetarian who is nice enough to cook meat occasionally for her fiance. She also taught us how to make Ramen noodles into legit dinners. Easy recipe alert! Jackie’s post on getting old is definitely one to bookmark and re-read every birthday. I also loved her post about 7 reasons why Pugs are the best and the worst. It’s valid for golden retrievers too! Want to find out more about Jackie? Head over to Jade and Oak or follow her on bloglovin to keep up with her on the daily.

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