The Only Semi-Appropriate Photos of Our Trip to New Orleans

I’m back from New Orleans and I’ve got 349 photos and only about 17 that are blog appropriate. That’s the way a bachelorette party should be, right?

So, in order to not incriminate the bride, here are the clips of the trip that I can share with you. And also the ones that aren’t blurry. Did you know that a daiquiri + a hurricane + fireball shots + something called a “resurrection” are not conducive to high quality iPhone pictures? Yeah, I know, shocked the hell out of me too.

2nd Line

New life goal: Someday I will be a part of a Second Line. Royal Street will shut down and I’ll dance my way right down the middle.

p.s. Thank you Kaylin for picking bridesmaids dresses that look nothing like these.


I didn’t know what a Beignet was going in to this trip. I do now – it’s funnel cake for fancy people. One of the girls asked me if I wanted to share an order with her. I laughed in her face.

New Orleans Bachelorette PartyNew Orleans Desserts

Why order one dessert when you can order 5?! Two desserts not pictured because someone was too busy ooohing and ahhhing at the tableside flames to get a proper photo of the Bananas Foster. And yes, that is a fleur-de-lis in powdered sugar on the crème brûlée.


True dat. Texted this one to the groom-to-be. Because I’m a good friend.New Orleans Architecture Bride in New Orleans

The beautiful bride wore a sash the entire time – day and night. Reason number 873 why I love her. Also because she’s the only one who openly uses the term YOYO with me. It’s like YOLO but it’s “you’re only young once”. Don’t even bother telling me we didn’t invent it.

New Orleans Carriage

I overheard a tour guide saying that all the carriage pulling horse looking things were actually mules. This one was particularly adorable and possible albino. I kept seeing him and loving him.

Extra fun horse fact: New Orleans Police ride them too and don’t mind one bit if drunk people on Bourbon Street pet them nicely at 3:30am. I may have been one of those people. Extra points to me for still being out at 3:30am.

New Orleans Street Music

Kaylin has fun

The bride clearly had a terrible time. Fireball was her weapon of choice and while her tambourine skills were questionable, she killed it on the dance floor.


Dear Guy who fell asleep standing up, You had this picture coming.

DG Does New Orleans

Obligatory anchor wave. I don’t think you can get in the Anchora (the sorority magazine) for being drunk fools but by God, I will try.


And if there ever was a truth in this world, I CAN NOT HANG. Girlfriend needed her afternoon naps.

Perhaps I was dreaming about my upcoming engagement, happy relationship, healthy family, and two future children (a boy and a girl). Those voodoo preistess tarot card readers sure know how to tell a girl what she wants to hear!

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