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Sometimes when I’m lacking in blogging inspiration (as I have recently, which has been pretty obvious, I’m sure), I get the itch to change my design. I think of it almost like rearranging a room for inspiration. So far in my blogging journey, this has worked. A fresh look helps me to get back in the game and reinvigorates my love for blogging. I’m hoping it works this time also.

I’ve been struggling recently. Struggling to figure out what direction this blog is taking and how big of a role it is going to play in my life, in my routine.

Sometimes I wonder if, after all this time, I still haven’t found my niche. I dabbled in outfit posts, rambled about my life, blogged about blogging, and wrote buzzfeed style posts. I’ve tried it all. And I’m just not sure what fits. I find it easiest to write about my life but each time I get too personal in a post I wind up feeling like a huge narcissist. Then I get embarrassed. Then I worry about how many personal details I’m putting on the internet.

I’m also fearful. Fearful that if I really shared my actual thoughts (and not just the smoothed over, politically correct nonsense I usually post), that people wouldn’t like me. That I’d rub people the wrong way. Sometimes I wish this whole blog was completely anonymous. I admire the bravery of the bloggers who boldly put hilarious, inappropriate, or unpopular opinions out there. I don’t know that I could handle the backlash. Strike that. I know I couldn’t.

But I going to try to keep going with this thing. I’m going to keep writing and keep sharing. Maybe I’ll get more brave in the process. I’m coming up on 3 years of blogging and therefore this is the hobby I have stuck with for the longest (by far). Truthfully, I love digging through my own archives, remembering moments in my life or oohing and ahhing over Archie’s puppy pictures. It preserves my thoughts, opinions, and life events in my mid-twenties. I want to keep this place. I want it to thrive.

If you have any commentary about what posts you like reading from me, I’d love the feedback. Thanks a million.

  • oh. this is so much honesty here. i think niches are SO overrated and fake. think we all pretend we know where we belong when, in fact, we’re all just dabbling in this and that and part of the fun of it that our blog is a mishmash just like us. or at least i tell myself that to make myself feel good.

    honesty and vulnerability can be hard, but thinking about your motivation in those efforts can make all the difference in the world. i write because i want people to feel and experience community. i want hope to be something lively and moving, instead of imaginary. i want to let it all out because when it’s bottled up in me i’m a hot mess. some of it’s selfish, some of it isn’t, but knowing where my heart is makes the criticisms manageable (at least for me). i know i’ll be a fan of whatever you choose because i’m a fan of you and your writing. 🙂

  • I stopped following a lot of blogs after they stopped feeling authentic. I love keeping up with just the day to day goings on in your life. Its one of the few blogs I’ve kept following. I enjoy what you have to say. Even if it is just a little weekend recap. I say, be you. Tell you feel comfortable telling. Use it as a little personal scrapbook, and don’t really worry about what others have to say about it. If you do it for you, what does it matter what anyone else has to say?

  • Nadine, your niche is YOU. YOU are hilarious. Stay blogging about blogging, outfits, randomness, lol.

    – Rekita

  • I completely agree. I first started a blog with my best friend, unfortunately she couldn’t post much so I decided I should just jump on it by myself at http://www.herestotakingchances.com. I just typed up a post about my infertility struggles and I am tempted to delete it before I come over very rude and annoyed. I struggle with what to write and keep people interested if there is anyone actually listening. I think you are doing just fine if I must say and write about whatever you like. Content is hard to narrow down. I wanted to devote my blog to more about fashion, but I don’t have that time right now in my life. SO.. what makes you happy is what you should do.
    And you will keep the readers who like the real you and not who you try to portray to be.

    Just my thoughts

  • Moe

    Hi, I’m a relatively new-ish silent reader of your blog. I stumbled upon your blog back in July-ish and have enjoyed reading your posts. I get super excited whenever I see on bloglovin’ that you have a new post up (to the point where I have to stop whatever I was reading/watching and read your post!). I really enjoy reading your more personal posts. I think of it like, I’m getting to know you as a friend even though we’ve never met and you know nothing about me.

    Anyways, I just started blogging earlier this year and I am also having trouble finding inspiration. A lot of people said you’ll just fall into a niche but I feel like whenever I start thinking of only beauty topics to blog about, I get a mini heart attack because I don’t like being confined in that one category. I think what I was trying to say in my long rambling is that you shouldn’t limit yourself to writing about a certain topic. I really enjoy reading your opinion about everything, and the personal thing is a bonus for people to get to know you.

  • jessica

    i actually love your varied posts! it’s always new and you are great at writing. i love that you don’t push sponsor stuff and only post when you have something meaningful to say! keep being you 🙂

  • I’ve always enjoyed your more ballsy and opinionated posts. You always do a good job of stating that you are merely expressing your opinions and not trying to make a blanket statement. Your blog feels like there is an unique individual behind it, not just some girl trying to “be a blogger”. And I’m loving the new design.

  • i love the new design nadine!!

  • I’ve been at it for five years and I go through a similar struggle. Too much personal information? Not enough? What am I even doing? I’m also planning a name change next month. I’m not ready to give it up because I love writing so much. Just keep hanging in there. We are doing this for a reason or else it would not have continued this long right?

  • I think “preserves” is such a good word to use while describing blogging… It really locks down the here and now, doesn’t it? That’s pretty special. I love the new layout – so clean and profesh! As for a blog direction… I’ll read pretty much anything you put out there, so – take your pick! 😉

  • I agree with lots of other commenters – I just enjoy reading what you write about! Sometimes I agree with or feel similar and sometimes I don’t, but it’s always interesting. And I like that you blog about all kinds of things. It doesn’t get boring. 🙂

  • I like when you just write, dear diary kinda style 🙂 I like the buzzfeed 5 things to “X” blogs too, but I like hearing about your life. and aren’t we all way to involved in the internet already anyway? 🙂


  • I’m right there with you doll! I think by not having a niche is what makes us truly stand out! xo

  • I love the new design and all of your differing posts! Coming from someone who would never give anyone a negative comment, I always like reading others’ opinions, even if I don’t agree. (though often they give me a reason to agree!) However, I totally understand being afraid of negative feedback. I often wonder how I would be able to handle negative feedback /: I’ve only seen a few negative comments on only one blog, and I was amazed at how they could do that and why- there wasn’t anything controversial in the least about the post, they were just mean-spirited people. So maybe that mindset helps? Even if you post innocent posts, people can be unnecessarily cruel.
    Anyway, I also wanted to say that I loved one of your most recent posts about always taking the stairs at work and how that’s helped your mindset- I think of that all the time at work and I believe I’ll start implementing it when I get back after Christmas break!
    Sorry for this long-winded comment. I just wanted to say that I love your blog & you have so many people supporting you, even if they may not comment (: Have a great Christmas!

  • This was me for the longest time, I kept wanting to be able to put my blog into a box. Every time I went to other people’s blogs I felt like they could explain what their blog was and what they wrote about in a short sentence or two and I was jealous of that. I would spend hours trying to figure out if I was a fashion blogger even though I only do fashion posts like once a week. Or maybe I was a lifestyle blogger, but I didn’t write the same way other lifestyle bloggers did. I obsessed over being able to put SCS into a pretty little package and it wore me down eventually.

    I have started to realize that even the people that I think had their blog styles and purposes all figured out don’t either (you would have been on my list of people who had it all figured out and now I see you were confused as well). It isn’t always easy, but I’m trying my best to not care anymore. My blog is just as unique and different as I am, it might not fit into one niche or have a clear purpose, but it is different than all the other blogs because it is filled with the kinds of thoughts and ideas that only my brain has.

    Honestly everything is way more authentic when it isn’t packaged up with a pretty bow on top and a clear purpose and niche, because at least for me my life is far from all perfection and clear direction. I love reading all of your posts, just do you!

  • I think niches are ok when people are true to them and if it’s what they should really be blogging about. Some people force a niche just to say they have one. I obviously fell into the celebrity/pop culture niche because it came easily to me. I often wonder what people think when I blog about other things. I try to blog about what I want to blog about and hope other people care to read it. Lately, no one’s reading or commenting. I feel like I’m talking to myself most days. In the end, even though I slack off from time to time, I’m still enjoying it. I guess I’ll stop whenever I’m not.

    I like your blog the way it is. I’m still here. 🙂

  • Do you. I treat my blog as my “online scrapbook” – a place where I can document my life for ME. If other people enjoy it, great. But I do it for me, not what other people want. I love reading your personal, everyday posts the best!

  • Honestly, I think one of the things I hate most about when I blog is when I go back and change something in fear of someone getting offended or taking it the wrong way. I am very opinionated in person, and I should stick to that in my blog too. It is totally rational to do though. Glad you are choosing to stick with blogging! A new design usually gets me out of my funk too.

  • Abby

    My favorite category of yours is “livin’ life.” I scrolled through your popular page for a refresher of what I like/don’t like of yours and those posts stuck out to me as the ones I definitely like!

  • I never comment but I read always. You dont need a niche you just need to be you! Tell us about your adventures in the new city, about Archie, about style etc. Also, if you get personal and people dont like you then they dont. I wouldnt worry about it. Just do you and this blog will continue to be fine 🙂

  • I love your new design! I also feel you on not sure what your niche is, but I think that’s the fun process of figuring it out as you go. I’m lacking inspiration because I’m not often on the computer and instead I’m out there living life, so I think it’s just a matter of finding a balance where you can do both and write from your heart. I have a hard time figuring out how much information to share is too much, but as long as you stick to your guns on who you are then I’m sure you’ll have no regrets. Not sure if that helps, but I like reading anything you share about your life 🙂

  • I think all of us bloggers have the same feeling. Although you’re trying to be as real as you can on the blog, the things you would write about, you would be scared someone would get offended. I wouldn’t be able to handle it either. I like what Krystal says about blog what you want to say, and if some people don’t like you, then oh well. It’s their loss. I’m going to try the same thing. Glad you’re going to continue writing though 🙂

    <3 Ash

  • I think you’re doing a perfectly good job blogging already. My blog is a personal blog so I’m all over the place with rants, personal stories, product reviews to fashion posts. I don’t focus on a specific niche to blog into but just blog for the hell of it. It’s a big hobby of mine and in the end, like every blogger has admitted, it’s my blog and I’ll blog what I want. Perhaps, looking at old posts, you’ll feel inspired to blog about whatever you want that makes you happy instead of focusing on a niche 🙂

  • See, this is exactly what I love about your blog, how honest you are! About love, life, moving, changes, and yourself! We all get lost sometimes but the thing is that there is always going to be someone more “controversial” than you but it’s no reason for you to keep going. Just continue being you as cliche as that sounds, that’s the reason I keep coming back!

  • I started (and continue) to follow and read your blog BECAUSE it’s more of a personal/mishmash blog. While I follow a few specialized blogs (style, food, etc), I always find that what drives me to keep up with a blog and really look forward to new posts is feeling like I’m keeping up with the life of someone I like, and I definitely feel like that about your blog!

  • Kara

    I would love to read more about you living in the city, also I love your book reviews. And don’t be afraid of the controversial posts…you have a way of writing them in a very respectful way!

  • I totally understand not having inspiration lately, because I haven’t either. At first I blamed it on NaNoWriMo sucking all of the writing out of me. Now I’m blaming it on making a YouTube video everyday leading up to Christmas. Which… maybe that’s part of it. But I’m having trouble getting inspiration for the blog overall. Honestly, I think niches are overrated. I love your posts about life and your thoughts and everything. Yeah, it can feel narcissistic sometimes. But a lot of times I’ve found when I write those honest posts about my life and all – other people tend to be having the same feelings or have gone through something similar and find them really helpful and encouraging. The bloggers I like the most are the ones I really connect with and I feel like I’m truly getting to know them when I read their posts. Like I’m stopping by their place for coffee or something and you just invite me in as a friend and we catch up for a bit. If that doesn’t sound too creepy. lol. Your other stuff is great too – I like some of the ones you’ve done which are more “niche” like. But my favorites are always when it’s just you.

  • I just love how honest you are! And Archie is pretty adorable. Plus, now you get to blog through your whole wedding journey!


  • Laura

    I really like the variety you have here, but I’d say it’s the personal posts that keep me coming back to check in and see how you’re doing. Plus cute puppy pictures help 🙂

  • Your re-design looks very compact and sophisticated, it’s perfect for the type of content you write. Your style of writing is very honest and conversation-like. This blog style says “Welcome to my blog, it really is nice I promise” and when you go on to read the content, you realize it truly is. I honestly feel you’re a very profound lifestyle blogger whether you find a specific niche within that category or not.

  • I love your posts and love the variety, keep going with whatever direction you like the most and I will keep reading!

    Oh, and the new design is so chic!

  • I love your posts and love the variety, keep going with whatever direction you like the most and I will keep reading!

    Oh, and the new design is so chic!

  • Some of my favorite blogs are the ones that rub me the wrong way. Blogs written by writers who take a major stand get me fired up and talking. The blogs that aren’t safe and that have an opinion always keep me coming back. And they’re always respectful even if I disagree. Nothing is worse than boring.
    I think you just have to do what you enjoy and inspiration and readers will find you. I recently shifted my focus after 2+ years of blogging to be more than just an expat blog by an American in France. I wanted to talk about healthy living too and now I am and feel refreshed and renewed for the year ahead.
    I like the variety on your blog and will keep reading so keep at it!

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