Never Have I Ever

Who played this game in college?
I know I played many a round.
Why not play it in the blog world? 
Let’s go.
Never have I ever:
1. Bought a Mac product. The makeup that is. All the bitches popular girls in high school loved to deck out their eyelids in 8 different colors and I thought they looked crazy. Cause they did. So I avoided the place.

You will never see me looking like this.

2. Done the Harlem shake. Is it a song? Is it a dance move? Someone fill me in. It looks like a lot of flailing and let me tell you, that is something I could be good at.
3. Worn a headband, headscarf, or those hippie things you people seem to love in the blog world. And not because I don’t like them. They fly off my head like rubber bands off a 5th graders sling shot. Misshapen head, perhaps?
4. Considered trading in my car. Even though the paint is doing a not cute stripey thing. 

5 Hooked up with a Pike guy. BAM! If you were all my sorority sisters I would have just gotten at least half of you.
6. Eaten veal, duck, or lamb. Even when I wasn’t a vegetarian, those were off limits. Too cute!
7. Wanted a little dog. I’m just not that girl.

Enjoying a little Breaking Dawn Part 2 on Friday night.

8. Broken a bone, gotten a cavity, or been to the hospital.

9. Bought anything designer. Just give me the knock off, I can’t tell the difference.
I’m going to leave it at an awkward 9. Cause that’s just how I roll. 

  • Hahha I love this!The only Mac product I’ve ever bought was a fragrance – their make up is just WAY too intense for me! Amen to the small dogs too!

  • That eye shadow is hideous!!! Haha I don’t remember girls using this stuff in high school, maybe I ignored it. I would pick a pink Mia 2 if I won. Fun giveaway 🙂

  • I literally JUST told my husband yesterday that I have no interest in a “little dog”, although corgis are adorable. Our beagle is about as small as I’ll ever go. We also have a St. Bernard.

  • So cool ! I would pick Lavender 🙂

  • The Harlem Shake videos are so funny! But I agree, if all it is is flailing, I’d be very good at it, because that’s about all my dancing is! Haha

  • I just love big dogs too. I’m always afraid that I will hurt the really little dogs.

  • Right off the bat, number one, I’d have to drink. I used to line my top lids with black AND white eyeliner… like, wtf was I even doing?! You should start a link up, just saying… I may steal this for a post this week.

  • i already like this becuase I don’t like little dogs. and I too never hooked up with a pike ( i was in a sorority so i get it)

  • Dee

    I’d pick the orange color! Thanks for the chance to win.


  • Pink of course 🙂

  • This is a super cute post and the fact that you’re giving away a clarisonic…seriously, they’re the best. I have the regular mia and I’m so obsessed, the winner is going to fall in love. I’ve never hooked up with a pike but I’m dating a Pi Kap now which proves that some frat boys turn out alright (:
    And I don’t understand harlem shake, I totally missed out on the memo. What is it? Why am I not in the harlem shake club? I’m so confused!


  • I love Mac, but it is way to expensive for me. No one is going to be able to tell what brand you are wearing.

    I’ve never broken a bone either.

    When the Harlem Shake came out this time, I was confused.. I was like, “Is this 2001? This isn’t a new thing.” Sure enough, there was a Harlem Shake in 2001 and then in the 80s. Not completely related, but I knew I wasn’t crazy, when I thought I had heard of it before.

    I used to want a small dog, but I ended up with one dog that is about 40 lbs and another that is about 70 lbs. Ha!

  • I wish I had gotten a mac instead of a dell. I hear you have less problems with them. I love the harlem shake dances. esp when its funny. the duck dynasty one is my fave and i dont even watch the show. LOL

  • I would choose ANY of these colors. Love this giveaway.

  • I’ve never broken a bone or had any of the foods you mentioned in #7! Love this giveaway

  • Never have a I ever is always a great party game! And this giveaway is great!

  • That never have I ever was too funny. And I Really hope I win a Clarisonic! These premature fine lines ain’t looking too cute!

  • I would take any color just because I want one of these so bad!

  • I’m your newest follower from the clarisonic giveaway! (I’m participating too!) Love your blog and can’t wait to read more 🙂

  • I agree w/ no eating cute things and no small dogs!! 🙂

  • Dude. Headbands don’t stay on my head either. Oh well. Whatever. And I HATE little dogs. I am a big dog girl, too. But, I must say, veal is amazing. If you ever want to try it one day! 😉

  • I love this game and ALWAYS lose.
    Headbands suck at staying on my head. I had to by the scarfbands when they were popular, if it goes underneath, I’m constantly fixing it.
    I have some MAC make up products but not those crazy colors. I get the muted shimmery browns. They are amazing. However, I remember wearing green for a while to bring out the green in my eyes, it looked awful with my complexion – what was I thinking??
    Number 5 made me laugh out loud because we actually USED that one in never have I ever in college because it got about 75% of us

  • Headbands slingshot off my head too! What gives??? They’re so cute tooo… le sigh.

  • Ha ha I love this post!! Too fun 😀

  • Sooo could we get instructions on how to join the link up? I’d love to, I’ve just never done one before and I am uncertain how to proceed!

  • I love this idea! I was in a sorority in college and you definitely got me on #5 (does it count if he was pleding?).

  • Haha I’ve never been with a Pike guy either 😉

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