Nadine: The Biography

She was born in the middle of a blizzard. To two parents who would fall out of love well before she hit double digits. But before they did, they gave her the best gift she ever got: her brother Curt. And he wasn’t just any brother. He was her very best friend. 

Things fell apart and fell back together. She moved to Maine, then California. Lived in 17 houses. Attended 11 schools. Remarriage brought her two more amazing parents. They all love her. 

During her teenage years, she was lucky enough to live next door to her grandparents. She and her grandmother were so much alike and everyone told them so. Later, she wound up being the oldest of four. And those two little redheads would bring her such joy. 

At college she had too much fun, became a sorority girl, and met her best friend. She didn’t learn enough in the classroom but later decided that wasn’t the point of college. When it was over she packed her belongings into the trunk of her car and cried all the way to the California/Arizona border. She started a new life on the east coast. She knew no one.

She met the ultimate nice guy. The one she never imagined she’d wind up with. On weekends they drank, and danced, and made out inappropriately. Eventually they fell in love, moved in together, and brought home a golden retriever puppy. They doted on him endlessly as they imagined their future together. 

Eventually she  left her corporate job to do work she was proud of. It was important work. She was humbled by it and her reality would change because of it. Childhood cancer became her cause. 

She was happy. She was lucky. She was hopeful.

p.s. Eventually she started a blog and wrote a post in third person and it was super weird. And she was never really a rule breaker but she couldn’t keep this to 250 words. She just couldn’t. 

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Have you met Jeannette? Don’t forget, that’s Jeannette with two Ns. Jeannette, like me, is not a grown up yet (if the merry go round picture didn’t give that away). She even loved college so much that she decided to stay, forever! She’s funny, honest, and she always comes across as her most genuine self. 

Want a laugh? Read about the time she almost got arrested. Jeannette is one of my very favorites in blogging land because each time I read her posts, I feel like I’m having a chat with one of my best friends. Head over to Jeanette with Two Ns and say hi!
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