My Murtaugh List

Are you a How I Met Your Mother fan? It’s probably my favorite show on TV.

One of my favorite episodes ever was called “Murtaugh” after Roger Murtaugh, Danny Glover’s character in the Lethal Weapon (which I’ve never actually seen). His catch phrase, “I’m too old for this shit” is the basis of the entire episode, as the friends try to determine all of the stuff they just can’t do anymore. 

Those things include (but are not limited to):

  • Crashing on a friends futon
  • Going to a rave
  • Pulling an all nighter
  • Eating an entire pizza in one sitting

Recently I’ve been wondering what my own Murtaugh list consists of (because I’m too young to give up on futons). 

My list so far:

  • Belly button piercing. Yup, at 19 I walked right into that tattoo shop and this super-wuss had a huge needle stuck through her belly. Five years later, I’m not sure if it’s age appropriate (or in style, for that matter).
  • Raging on Thursday nights. While in college this was the norm, in the past year somewhere I just lost the ability to go out on Thursdays. Friday is my busy day at work and I just can’t bear to be hungover and miserable.
  • Day drinking with college kids. What can I say? This just isn’t my style. St. Patrick’s day this year proved that.
  • Sleeping in past 10:30. Why 10:30? Because 11am just sounds so late! I feel like I’ve lost my day. And while it goes against my religion to set an alarm on a weekend, I’m still always disappointed if I wake up past 10:30am. I always leave the shades up to let the natural light help my cause.
  • Being embarrassed by my parents. Mine are cool. I like them (all 4 of them) and I like hanging out with them. All those silly things I was mortified by as a teenager have gone and I feel quite blessed (and a bit stupid that I was ever embarrassed in the first place). So go ahead Mom, sing Carly Simon with the windows down. In fact, I know the words, I’ll sing along! And Dad, it’s cute that all your t-shirts were free and are usually 10+ years old. We love you for it.

So what’s on your Murtaugh list? And how do you feel about belly button piercings? 

Honesty is my policy! Do share. 

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