Mildly Embarrassing

Naveed and I were talking the other day about how embarrassing it would be if people actually knew how we behaved around each other when we’re alone. We might be our true selves around each other but I’m fairly sure we would never act like this around anyone else.  Our jokes are never funny (but we think they’re hilarious), and it’s totally normal to have an entire conversation comprised only of snorty noises (come on, don’t tell me you don’t do weird stuff like that with your guy). 

In terms of my own quirks, I bite my cuticles. Like horribly. At least one is always bleeding. The super dry skin is a side effect of my thyroid issues but I constantly have my fingers in my mouth because of it. It’s disgusting.  As you can imagine, with a puppy, you clean up a certain amount of doo-dee (that’s lady speak for poo). So now every time I bite my cuticles, out of no where Nav will go YOU PICK UP POOP WITH THOSE FINGERS! And then I’m horrified. Cue red face.

This post basically all stems from the fact that I’m going to see Breaking Dawn tomorrow night at 10:16pm. ALONE.  And when did midnight movies become 10pm movies? And such a specific time. Whatever, I’m happy about it. Yes, I still get really embarrassed to see movies alone. All the 13 year old girls will be judging me, no doubt. But I just can’t wait to see it during the weekend and I won’t make Naveed see it. You’re welcome, Naveed.

But really…I’m inappropriately excited to see this movie.

Until then, we’ll be practicing being super embarrassing parents to this little guy.

Thank you to all of you who commented on my last post. 
I’d respond to all the comments but my responses would basically look something like this:
“Yes, I agree, he definitely is the cutest thing ever!”


  • I would totally go to see Breaking Dawn alone! Sometimes it’s what you have to do. I went to the theatre alone for the last three Harry Potter movies. Enjoy!

  • I wondered why it was a 10 pm movie. I’m not complaining, my 13 year old is going. It will make getting her up for school easier on Friday at least.

    Enjoy your alone time and movie tonight. It’s good for the soul 🙂

  • I”m glad I’m not the only one who is confused why the midnight show is at 10pm. (In my case, 10:30) I’m sad because now I can’t go with my friends! I’m helping with a play tonight and I’m not going to be done in time. 🙁 Now if it was a regular midnight show – I could totally make it. Sigh.

  • Oh Evan and I do this all of the time and then one time I actually said something we only say to each other in front of some other people and they looked at me like I just yelled something inappropriate out in a crowded restaurant. It was totally embarrassing… Loving puppy pictures. more more more

  • I almost always go to the movies alone.

    It’s very rare for me to go to the movies with someone else. I’ve done this since I was about 12 or 13. I never realized it was odd until someone pointed out that a huge majority of people refuse to do it. My rationale is that it’s not like you can actually TALK to the person you are with. You’re basically going out to sit silently in a dark room together.

    I also prefer shopping alone and I often go to sit down restaurants alone. I will take a book with me, order a meal and just zone out.

    Your puppy is completely adorable! I have a 4 year old Yellow Lab that we rescued from the Humane Society and she is just such a huge part of my life.

    I shop alone because most people I know here that would be willing to go shopping with me have pretty drastic different tastes and would go on and on about how crazy it is to spend $30 on a top.

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