The Simple Trick to Loving the Stuff You Already Have

The Simple Trick to Loving the Stuff You Already Have

I’m one of those avid online review readers. I don’t buy books without reading the sample. I don’t buy products without reading dozens of online reviews. This is especially true of cosmetics, hair care, and any self-care products. You can try to get me with good marketing but what you’ll really get me with is thousands of positive reviews.

Sephora is a gold mine of reviews. It’s even sortable by skin type and age – a dream come true. I always cross check products with the Ulta rating, as well as the Beautypedia review. If I’m buying a new product, you can bet I’ve done my research. Maybe you’re that way too?

Sometimes I find myself lusting after pricey products, convinced that THIS is what I need to finally have perfect skin, hair, etc. I’m not an impulse buyer but I’ll keep reading about a product and become convinced that it will be a game changer for me. It’s not realistic for me to try every $50+ skincare product that I’m lusting after. It’s not reasonable to try every pinky nude lipstick at the drugstore (…or is it…?). And there’s no way that every new product is better than stuff you already have.

Recently I’ve started doing this – I read reviews of products I already own.

This sounds completely ridiculous, I know. But once I’ve read some rave reviews about stuff I already own, I’m suddenly convinced that I don’t need something new, I’ve already got the best!

This strange strategy has recently prevented me from buying a fancy new face wash, a new moisturizer, a new foundation, and a new vacuum. I read reviews of the products I already use and low and behold, I’d already bought products that are well-loved and proven to be effective. I’d already done my research and bought a product that I thought (then) would fit my needs. Chances are, it still does.

I’ll give you my most recent example. I use Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation. Most days I love it. I did heaps of research looking for a product that works well on dry, flakey skin. Still, I was perusing Sephora and I thought about switching products and trying something new until….I checked out the Sephora reviews and sorted by skin type “dry”. Low and behold, there are tons of reviews from women with dry skin raving about how this works so well on their skin type. This is exactly why I bought this foundation in the first place! The more I read what other people had written, the more I knew I’d already bought the best product for my skin type. I didn’t need to try a new product!

I’m not saying stick with products that aren’t working for you. But if you’re using a product that’s doing it’s job, there’s no need to switch just because you’re lured by the idea that something might be better.

I realize it’s totally silly but it just might be the silly thing that will keep you from loading up your Sephora cart. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you.

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