Livin’ in Fast Forward: 10 Years Later

A few weeks ago, I was playing MASH with my sister. She’s 12 and apparently MASH is now on your iPod touch, not binder paper (man, am I behind the times or what?). When we’d finished, I was living in an Apartment with Ryan Gosling with 11 children. Nav was less than pleased.

It really got me thinking, what will my life look like in 10 years? We all try to visualize where we’ll be and what we’ll be doing (especially us planners out there).

Here’s what I’m hoping:

I’m married to this handsome guy. He’s still making me laugh, teaching me about all kinds of random stuff, continuing to turn me into a tech nerd, and making me feel special every single day. And now he’s a big shot finance guy. I’m still in love with him and I still feel just as lucky as I always have.


We have 3 beautiful, half-Persian children (working on 4?). What does a half-Persian child look like, I wonder? We could not be more opposite. This kid is a genetic crapshoot. But they’ll be cute, for sure. And brilliant (all Nav). And if Archie is any indication, very used to having a camera shoved in their faces.

We live in a small-ish house that started as a starter home but wound up being our home home. Maybe the kids have to share rooms or something. It builds character. Plus I hate big houses.

We’re pretty conservative with money and we live on a lot less than we have to. Our retirement is looking good already, as are our kids college savings accounts.
I’ve gotten better at photography. Like a lot better. I know stuff about aperture and exposure, white balance and ISO, and I always shoot in manual (that’s what photographers do, right?).
I’ve learned how to run or at the very least, have adopted some other athletic type hobby. How about cycling? Yes, cycling sounds fun.
My student loans are paid off. Completely. And have been for some time.
I either have a masters degree, am working on a masters degree, or am thinking about a masters degree. Public Administration? Public Policy? 
I’ve probably stuck around in the non-profit world. I just can’t get enough of those feel good warm fuzzies that non-profit work brings you. And the fighting for something to change the world. Yes, it feels too good to give up.
Archie is approaching his old man years and is now referred to as “Archibald,” his designated old man name. His face is white but his heart is gold and we love him dearly. Maybe he has a little golden sister? 
We live in northern Virginia, maybe? Or Pennsylvania? Somewhere that the public school system is good and we undoubtedly pay a crap ton in property taxes.
We get to see our families more. Every summer we send the kids to Camp Grandma and Papa in Maine (for a month? yes, how about a month) and my parents take them hiking, kayaking, and venturing about in the Maine wilderness. 
And most importantly, I hope for health. For everyone in my family. You can’t necessarily plan for it and it’s not something you dream of but I hope like crazy we’re all healthy.
But most of all, we’re happy. 
Is that too much to ask? 
I’m not naive. I know it won’t go this way. 
But a girl can dream, right? 
And hey, maybe my idea of happiness will change 82 times before then and someday I’ll look back at this and be like “wow, that’s really what I wanted?” 
Such is the nature of life. 
For now, this is what I daydream about.
What do you daydream about? 
What would your life look like in fast forward?


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