How to Keep a White Duvet Cover Clean (Even With a Dog!)

I’d always assumed that I couldn’t have a white duvet cover, because we have a dog.

It seems that all white decor is all the rage (is that an expression people still use? no? oops). All over Pinterest and Instagram, ladies are showcasing their crisp white interiors. I enjoy looking at them but often wonder how livable those spaces are.

Do those people not spill on themselves? Do they not drag in all kinds of city dirt? Do they not have dogs?

Our space is nothing like that (it’s been described by others as “artsy” and “eclectic”), but a white duvet is a classic look that I’ve always loved.

One day, Pinterest got the best of me and I found myself at Target, buying a white duvet cover. Three months (and many washes) later, it’s still on our bed and it’s still crisp white. Here’s how we keep our white duvet cover clean, even with a dog.

How to Keep Your White Duvet Cover Clean (Even With a Dog!) - Cleaning tips for your white duvet cover, a helpful tutorial for dog owners who want to embrace the crisp white trend! |

1. Don’t Invest in the Best

Before buying a nice, high-thread count white duvet cover, we bought a test duvet. A test duvet? Isn’t that a huge waste of money? Eh, it kind of is. But it’s better to spend $30 to find out if something works for you than spend $100 to find out immediately that it doesn’t.

We bought the cheapest white duvet cover I found, this RE one from Target. It was $29.99, plus we got it 10% off  (a sale that is currently running now actually using the code HOMESAVE10), and we have the Target RedCard so our total was about $25.

I figured, if we absolutely couldn’t keep it clean, we could buy a different duvet cover or go back to our old one and at least we wouldn’t have spent a ton of money. Now that I know I can keep it clean, I guess we could buy a nicer one but you know what? This inexpensive Target one is working just fine so it’s actually still on our bed.

2. Drape a blanket over the end of the bed

Because of how our bedroom is arranged, Archie consistently jumps on the bottom third of the bed, since that’s the part that sticks out into the room.

We have a light quilt draped over the bottom third of the bed to act as his landing area. Even if he moves around after that, his paws have already been wiped off by the initial jump.

The blanket draped at the bottom of our bed gets dirty pretty quickly, but it’s also a lot easier to wash than a duvet. Ours is a soft blue color but you could have this be white as well. We throw this blanket in the wash frequently, since it catches most of the dirt and is easier to wash than the duvet cover.

3. Regular washes with Oxi-Clean or Bleach

We wash our fitted sheet and duvet once a week (we don’t use a flat sheet). We use hot water, dye and scent free detergent, and add Oxi-Clean or bleach.

I honestly can’t tell which works better but I know bleach can be harsh on fabrics so I try to alternate. Either way, every stain has come out.

I’ve heard that hot water sets stains but have not found this to be true with dirt. Additionally, I always do sheets in hot water to get them squeaky clean (and disinfected).

4. Handle big messes immediately

At some point, your dog will get on your white duvet with muddy paws. That or he’ll grab your fiancés muddy shoe and bring it in to bed (was that example too specific? Cause it’s happened at least 3 times). A mess will happen at some point.

Each time this has happened, we’ve handled it as quickly as possible. I spot treat with an Oxi-Clean spray and throw it in the washer immediately. Stains that dry are much more difficult to get out.

Another stain trick? If you can still see the stain after the wash, don’t put it in the dryer. Spot treat it again and re-wash.

5. Don’t Allow Your Dog On Your Bed


Try telling that to Archie. I don’t care what color our bedspread is, Archie needs his memory foam and he needs his cuddles. We’ve never attempted to keep him off the bed, and always assumed that he’d sleep with us (after he was done crate training).

But honestly, I’m astounded at how easy it has been to have a white duvet cover and to keep it clean, even with a dog. So if you’re a fellow dog parent, don’t be afraid of the white duvet!


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