It’s a Blessing in the Sky that He’s the Pie

This kid here, he’s the pie. The American pie.

I love learning about N’s family. They are wonderful, welcoming, and truly inspirational people. They came to this country as young adults and achieved the American dream in one generation. Can we get a round of applause there?

If you asked N on any given day where he’s from he’ll sweetly (and a bit cluelessly) answer “Long Island.”It’s what he said to me the first time I asked him. Of course that wasn’t what I was referencing. With his dark hair, olive skin, and unique name, I meant where was he from. His family. His people. Again he said, “Long Island.” 

And he was 100% right. He IS from Long Island. He knows very little about the country his parents came from (Iran), speaks only English, wears boat shoes, button downs, loves the New York Giants (I forgive him for that), grew up with two parents who worked in Manhattan, and even went to college in the south. The ultimate All-American boy.

His Dad often uses American expressions slightly off but in the most perfect ways. Certainly understandable as English is his second language. He doesn’t use the phrase “it’s a blessing in disguise.” Instead, it’s a blessing in the sky. And oh boy, is it ever. 

One time over a large meal of Persian food his Dad professed his love for this country, marveled at all that it’s given him and declared “I am the pie!” It touched my heart to the very core to hear this educated, proud man speak with true joy about the day that he became an American citizen. 

It made me wish that people my age, and more importantly, all people whose families have been here for a couple generations (like mine!) could truly appreciate this country for all that it has given us. To admire it from an immigrants perspective. To feel lucky to have been born here. His family is a wonderful reminder for me.

I’m lucky enough to have found my All-American boy. And I’m thankful every day to live in a country where a Persian-American boy from Long Island, a blonde California girl, and a golden retriever are just one of many variations of the classic American family. 

*This post was intended for the 4th of July but I was busy drinking Strawberrita’s and eating vegetarian hot dogs so I forgot. Are we still feeling patriotic, 5 days later? Yes? Oh good.

  • Love this so much! And I love that the “classic” family is now being accepted as much more than in previous years. It’s refreshing. We still have work to do though.

  • You probably hear this daily but I’m pretty sure Disney based their character off your boyfriend. Go get the money for that!

  • Such a sweet story! We all love the all american boy. I like mine Southern 🙂

  • haha “a blessing in the sky” that’s adorable!

  • Agree with Megan- still got a long way to go! I am a first generation from my dad’s side (he’s French Moroccan) and I grew up seeing how different the immigrant experience is and how he had to come here with no college education and now owns his own business! Now that I have fallen in love with a Mexican immigrant, I am even more impassioned about the immigrant experience and taught citizenship classes to immigrants and they were so excited to become Americans! It was beautiful 🙂 And growing up… I had a bizarre vocabulary as well.. I grew up thinking toes were called “foot fingers”!

  • This is the sweetest thing in the world. Y’all are such a cute couple, and you can clearly see how much you care about each other.
    xo, Maria

    • DianeThanks for stopping by, Tamara. I had a lot of fun, and not too many prbmelos, setting up this web site. I will be doing another one soon for one of my books (not published yet). Let me know when you get your site up and running.

  • This is amazing and I love it! I also now want to meet Mr. Grand-N—which is code for N’s dad. Not creepy at all.

  • a blessing in the sky! too cute.

  • I loveeee this post…it is so sweet and real, and his dad sounds adorable. It is easy to see how happy N makes you!!

  • love this. what brand of veggie dogs do you like?

  • I think this is so great 🙂

  • Does Archie ever take a bad photo? I think not. He’s adorable. Wish I was as photogenic as our dogs :)!!!

    And what an AMAZING post. I wholeheartedly agree! It’s so important to be thankful for the sweet country in which we live! Your little family is oh so cute!

  • Adorable story. And I’m with you. I wish people wouldn’t focus SO much on how the government is “persecuting” us and realize how very lucky we are!

  • so sweet! (and that photo of archie is the best.) my mom is from korea and moved here with my dad when she was in her 20s. it’s crazy to think how different (and way better) her life ended up being because she moved here. you’ve inspired me to do a post about my mom’s journey some time! happy late independence day 🙂
    — jackie @ jade and oak

  • Is it bad that I literally didn’t realize “blessing in the sky” was the wrong version until you pointed it out? Shwoops. I love this. Beautiful post, Nadine.

  • Thank you for sharing this story. It only makes me want to meet you and N even more. His family sounds like they are a joy to be around and the stories are abundant! 🙂

  • Great post! I like “blessing in the sky” even better! Your man and his family sound like wonderful people. 🙂
    – Rachel/ With Love, Rachel

  • What a sweet and IMPORTANT story. Thank you for sharing!


    Caitlin, from Weights and Measure

  • What a sweet story. On top of everything you’ve said, he’s very handsome!

    Life of Mabel

  • And if/when you guys have babies, they will be ooooh so beautiful!!! 🙂

  • Love this and even more I love the disclaimer on the bottom.

  • I love this!

  • i love this! i think i like blessing in the sky better anyways.

  • Love this sweet little post!

  • This is such a sweet story! I loved this post 🙂 I especially loved your disclaimer at the bottom! haha

  • we do live in an amazing country! Wahoo. and so glad more amazing people came to join us and then stay and make it even better.

  • Dave could have chosen to have taken Canadian citizenship after he graduated; thank goodness he didn’t otherwise we wouldn’t have met. He lived in Canada as a kid for a while and then went to college in Nova Scotia. Well looky at us and our foreign men.. oooo la laaaaa!

  • the beginning of your post reminds me of this hilarious video called “What kind of Asian are you?” It’s a laugh out loud funny video. 🙂

  • Well this was touching… You two are beautiful!… And now I’m smiling. haha! I may just adopt that saying, “A blessing in the sky.” I’m from Canada and I can say that I definitely share the feeling of knowing how lucky and blessed I am to be where I’m from.

  • I agree, we can be patriotic at least a week on either side. And I love when ESL people do their own spin on american-ims!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Beautiful post! I love hearing my father-in-law’s stories about immigrating to the US from Iran when he was a young man. I bet N’s dad and my father-in-law came around the same time and for similar reasons. Heck, they might even have some sort of family/friend connection… you know how those Persian connections are 🙂

  • Hahahahaha “a blessing in the sky” just cracked me up. I love it! We really are so lucky to have grown up in this country.

  • Strawberrita’s took over my life for a few days too! I love this post, glad you got it out here for us to be reminded of our fortunes! America allows many blessings in the sky!

  • I love this post! My parents are both immigrants from England and I was the first American in the family. They have both since become naturalized and talk about how much they love our country all the time. You can only find that pride in immigrants. I love it though and it can be really inspiring!

  • I love this post as my parents are both immigrants from the Dominican Republic. My mother has become naturalized and I’m proud of her! It’s true though. I side with N’s point of view. I’m from Long Island CITY (please tell him that! lol). That’s where I’m from. Sure, I speak Spanish fluently and suffered through English-as-Second-Language classes as a kid, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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