It Makes Me Smile

Red-head and a blonde

For whatever reason, this is my absolute favorite recent photo.

Sisters. More than a decade between them. The younger, 3 inches taller. The differences in their hair are certainly mirrored in the differences in their personalities. So much love.

The thing about young siblings is this: you can’t wait for them to grow up. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for her to be a grown up with me. To turn in to a friend. And we’re getting there. I feel really lucky that I’ve been able to watch her turn in to the person she’s becoming.

And this picture? It’ll never stop making me smile.

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  • My sister is seven years younger than me, and we are finally reaching that point where we can be real friends – it’s pretty amazing. I think I have a similar photo to the one above on an old hardrive, and I have to dig it up!

  • I think this photo is completely adorable, it warms my heart! I am the oldest of four and I know what you mean about building a friendship with a sibling who is so much younger. I enjoy watching my baby siblings be babies but I also am excited for the time when I can build an adult friendship with them too!

  • That is so sweet! There are 17 years between my youngest sister and me. It’s so interesting watching her personality grow, and watching her learn about the world. Even though I was a teenager when she was born (and we now live in different states) I still feel such a bond with her.

    Thank you for sharing this, I’m going to go call her now 🙂

  • Sofie

    My sister is 13 years younger than me and there are so many perks to the age difference. But I agree…I can’t wait to be friends with her as an adult. She’s the coolest little person. Watching them grow up is such a privilege.

  • I am the youngest (by 6, 17 and 20 years!) so I know how this is in reverse! But I love my relationship now with my older siblings and growing up, it was like I had a couple of extra “cool” moms. 🙂

  • My sister’s eight and a half years older and for so long, she was a third parent to me (in the best way possible). We’re finally real friends now, and it’s the best best best 🙂

  • Moe

    My sister is five years younger and for the longest time, I thought that age gap is too big. But we’re finally slowly reaching the point where we can be friends. We have a bit more in common and can talk about a bit more things we have in common and it’s awesome.

  • Awww I absolutely love this, my sister is seven years younger… which means she’s fourteen so we’re slowly getting there…. but it’s slow. Can’t wait for the day when I can actually really feel like friends, and not like I am her second mother.

  • Very nice

  • this makes me smile as well. my daughter will be six at the end of march and we are due to expect our baby boy any day now, so there will be quite the age gap between them and i have always worried that their connection/sibling bond won’t be as strong because of that. but this gives me hope that those worries are all for naught.

  • Aww, what a sweet post!

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