I’ll Always be a Sorority Girl

That’s right. In college I was a letter wearing, cheesy song singing, frat formal attending, full fledged sorority girl. Specifically, a Delta Gamma.

Now they say that membership is life-long, and I know this to be true. But tell me, how long is it appropriate to feel that this is a part of my identity? It’s so intertwined with my college experience (and every lesson I learned along the way) that it’s nearly impossible to determine the person I would be if I wasn’t a DG.

So as I’m pushing a quarter century, tell me:

How long can I keep rockin my favorite sorority t-shirts to the gym? Will I just start to look old as dirt at some point? (Oh god, this one says 2007. Was it really that long ago?)

When will I stop humming our songs in my head?

“we’re delta gamma women, we’re women of the night…we’re dirty rotten bitches….” WAIT, wrong song.

I meant…

“an anchor of friendship lies deep in the sea…”

Yeah, that’s it.

See? Good wholesome fun. Hiking Half Dome in Yosemite.

Is it every going to become inappropriate for me to compulsively buy anything with an anchor on it?
And then send a duplicate item to my bestie.
I think not.

Naughty schoolgirl theme. Perhaps not so wholesome.

For my job, have the pleasure of working with lots of collegiate sorority women. I attend conferences of all greek students and often work with greek professionals. As a result, I bring up my life as a sorority girl fairly often in the work place. It helps with bonding. Oh you were a Kappa? I lived with a Kappa for all of college! You’re a DG too? OMG ITB 4 LIFE.

It just comes out. You can’t help it.

Me with my grand little and little.

You say “my little” or “grand little” and no one questions it. They’re your sorority family. Whenever I think about my bestie (oh, do you know Kaylin? You should. She’s the very best.) I realize that without DG and my sorority experience, I wouldn’t have her. (What would my life even be like? I can’t picture it and I don’t want to.)

There are lots of things people think about sororities. I know I had a lot of preconceived notions before I was in one. But  long term, it’s done more for me than most decisions that I’ve made (I’ve landed at least 3 jobs through my sorority connections). It’s an instant connection and not just with DG’s, but with other sorority women as well. And for that, I’m always grateful.

Are you a sorority girl? Do you miss it? Is it still a part of you?

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